Social media entities:• Social Media is an interactive web

Social mediaSocial media is a computer-assisted expertise that enables the formation and dissemination of information, concepts, professional comforts and other forms of communication via groups and cybernetic systems. The diversity of currently available individual and integrated social media announces description competitions, although there are common structures.Common properties of social media entities:• Social Media is an interactive web presentation on Web 2.0• It includes user-created content, such as transcripts or comments, digital images or videos, as well as figures created across all virtual communications.• Users create service-specific sketches for the website or apps that are scheduled and maintained by their social media group.• Social media helps the growth of online social networks by connecting a user’s outlines with those of other entities or groupsUsers typically communicate with social media via Internet technologies on laptops, desktops or download facilities that provide social media services to their mobile devices. Through these services, users can access shared platforms through which individuals, groups, and institutions can share, develop, debate, and adapt user-created content or pre-printed content delivered online. They present wide and widespread changes to the communique between the commerce, the companies, the groups and the individuals. Social media has changed the communication style of individuals and larger institutions. These changes are the attention of the developing areas of technical research. Social media differs from publications such as magazines and newspapers or electronic media such as radio and television in many ways, including value, reach, impact, interactivity, usability, contiguity and durability. Social media channels operate in a dialogical way, but traditional media work in a monological way. Some of the most popular social media websites are Google +, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, WeChat, Linkedin, Viber, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, VK, QQ, QZone, Tumblr, MySpace, SnapChat. These social media sites have over 100,000,000 registered users.