Social different from the poor. A rich kid will

class and work.

In terms of social class,
American culture is made of classes. These classes are mainly in form of races
and economic positions. Rich people have their own lifestyles different from
the middle class whose lifestyle is also different from the poor. A rich kid
will go to a private school as opposed to public. A rich person will have
better legal representation as opposed to a poor person. Whites access better
services than blacks or Mexicans in the same economic bracket. In terms of
work, the American culture encourages working hard. Work is highly regarded.
People are defined by the type of work they do. Some are regarded highly while
others are looked down on.

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regard and guns.

As a nation that has been
involved in military conflicts since inception, American culture holds the
military in high regard. Soldiers are respected. Military accomplishments are
celebrated. Soldiers who performed brave feats in battles are treated as
conquering heroes. Their stories are told and retold through movies and the
mass media. In terms of guns, gun ownership by citizens is common. Ownership of
guns is regarded as a freedom guaranteed in the constitution which is held in
the same high level as freedom of speech.

and festivals.

Celebration of holidays
and attending festivals is a significant part of the American culture. Some are
national while others are regional. For holidays, there is Independence Day on
July 4 where Americans celebrate their independence from Britain. Others are Memorial
Day to honor soldiers who died in wars, Labor Day to celebrate the nation’s
workforce, Thanksgiving, Presidents’ Day, Veterans’ Day and Martin Luther King
Day. Some of the festivities include Summerfest, Mardi Gras parades and Gay Pride
Parades. In celebrating them, elaborate festivities are held.

and technology.

Innovations, science and
technology are a major part of the American culture. The country was build by
inventors and pioneers in various fields. This culture still continues with the
country being open for scientists to come and make breakthroughs. Most of the
technological innovations the world uses were birthed in the United States.
Innovators and pioneers are celebrated.


Most of the American
culture is based on consumption. This makes it a consumer culture. Their
attitude is in getting what they want and they have a penchant for having
things in a big elaborate way.