So, way that they understand or either report the

So, in order to help children the staff
member has to be more careful and sharp witted individual meaning the person
can quickly detect any problem because a minor mistake can destroy a little
innocent individual’s life. Referring back to Zebra Ward case
study, when the doctor saw the bruises and marks on Lucy ad Kevin’s
body, she should have asked them. Also, if she wasn’t convinced by the fathers
answer then she should have tried to ask children in such way that they
understand or either report the case to manager of the hospital. In addition,
when nurse noticed the marks and she should have written her opinions. Either,
the nurse should keep the children in the hospital unless they are confirm that
whatever their father said was accurate and he wasn’t harming them. Suppose, if
the staff members fail to do their duty and give back the children to the
father without any investigation. This can lead to ruin the two children’s
lives as their father will again try to harm and abuse them. Furthermore, this
would affect children’ relationships with other people because they would think
all people are like and will hurt them. Moreover, if the father keeps on
abusing or harming the children, they can even die. This all would be cause of
carelessness of the staff members due to not paying attention and not taking
the case seriously.


It is important for the member of the staff in any health and social
care setting to deliver the best care for their patient’s so they can have
positive experience in that particular healthcare setting. The duty of care refers
moral or legal obligation to ensure the safety or well-being of others.” The definition of duty of care covers both the legislative
and professionalism aspects as well as is applied on each and single
health or social care setting. Legislative aspects of the duty of care
refers to the various legislations that work on an individual’s safety, wellbeing
and protection. However, the efficiency characteristic of the
duty of care explains more about following the rules and codes of conduct of a
certain health care setting. Also, it involves to provide everyone who uses the
care or service to be provided with access to their rights and
dealt with respect and regard.

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It is important for anyone who works under a
health or social care sector to do things in accordance to duty of care
and promote safe practises in their workplace as well as they should be familiar
with different ways of complaining procedures. Considering, Doctors
(GPs) who are one of the health and social care professionals. Usually,
all the doctors have to follow the duty of care and legislations
that are applied in that definite care setting and make sure that an accurate
and valid medical care is been delivered to the service user.
Moreover, doctors largely work in surgeries and local communities.
The doctors do their tasks in accordance to Care Quality Commission (CQC)
and even before that they have to register there to be able to work as a
doctor. Similarly, if there is duty of care there must be several roles
and responsibilities set for each person which must be mandatory for
them. The main duty of all doctors is to care and protect
their patients. Into the bargain, the duty of care asks
the doctors to put up any thoughts in regards to the
patient. Further, duty of care requires the doctors to use resources
efficiently and expertly for the profit of the patients
and the community. In addition to that, the most important role of the
doctors is to arrange for a working environment without any sort of discrimination,
bullying and harassment, considering the fact that the co-workers
and service users come from miscellaneous backgrounds. Having said that, if the doctor’s fails to keep
up with their duty of care this means that they failed to
work according to their legal or moral legislation, failed to
keep up with their roles and responsibilities. For case in
point, if the doctors gives the patient medication without even asking
about their preferences this can lead to patient having a bad experience of the
service and may not come to receive treatment again. Likewise, if the doctor
behaves in a rude way to the patients, the patients would not like it at all
and it is against to what they are expected by the duty of care. Therefore, it
is foremost to follow the duty of care because it tells them how to balance
individual’s rights and risks, provide safe practises, protect health,
safety and well-being, uphold the rights and promote the interest of
individuals experiencing abuse or neglect and legal obligations that protect
well-being and prevent harm. However, if the doctor do not fulfil
these aspects then the patient may feel that he/she isn’t being heard or
service provider are delivering the care in an opposite way then
they had expected. This may also lead patient to have bad experience of
the hospital and they may stop coming to hospital because they might think that
coming to hospital is not helpful.

It is extremely vital that the individual is aware
of the different ways of complaining because it will help them to get
the justice and in case one of the organisation or person does not help then
they can go for other. In the doctor’s case, the first stage could be going up
to the manager of the hospital and complain about the failure
to provide him/her with effective care as well as they neglected
the patients views and opinions with reference to his/her medical
treatment. Similarly, if the manager be unable to help the patient or the
patient feels like the service provider’s response didn’t help by any chance
then they can go to other organisations such as NHS England or the local for
help. They will help to put things right for the service user and for
the everyone who will use this service in future because after this incident
they will make sure that such type of practise does not take place in future.
The code of practice and legislations will be bring up-to-date
so the member of staff can refer to the guidelines whenever they want. However, if the complaint isn’t dealt
with properly then it can severely affect
patients, their lives and it will be similar to put service users in danger. In
my opinion, it is important to report so next time they can keep an
eye on such incidents and prohibit them from happening further. Also, through
these complaining procedure people might be able to predict things about the
similar issue through considering the incident that had happened before.

In my own view, each and single duty of care has an inference in
a service user’s life regardless of the health or social care setting.
Moreover, there are many procedures available through which the individual or
service provider can complain and they should be well familiar with appealing
procedure when they feel like they haven’t got the response they expected
or if they feel that appealing to the particular organisation did not help.
They can go for other establishments that may help them and it is significant
in my opinion to balance the individual’s rights by applying different duty of
care and providing a safe and secure environment for both people who work there
and the people who use the service. Also, in my point of view duty of care is
essential in promoting safe practise because it’s all about the service user
rights and ways through which the service provider can deliver the best care
for their patients. In addition, if the patients and service provider do not
complain about their incidents how other people are meant to know about their
rights and responsibilities and if they do not know it how are they supposed to
act upon it.