So even though it’s a good way for me

So I volunteered at the Centre for Immigrants and Community Services. My job was to take care and guide the children throughout the program. And let children experience the fun in dancing.  All the children range the age 3 to 8 years old. My main duties were to assist in supervising the children during the program time, room set up and clean up, and take the children to the washroom or for a drink if they needed to. I feel like completed my job pretty well and I tried to the best of my abilities to satisfy to their liking. I did what they wanted me to do and other things if they asked for an extra hand. When I was there were some good things and bad while being there like some good things were I was able to practicing my chinese and was able to socialize more with other people. Most the people who came were mostly mandarin speaking even though it’s a good way for me to practice. I found myself in situations where I had a hard time communicating with the parents and sometimes the kids too because my vocabulary wasn’t that broad. And being there I learned I have to be more patient with others especially the kids and learned how to deal with unfamiliar situations. And for my cons is that you have to deal with the parents because the instructor doesn’t allow parents to take picture of their children expect for the last day and she doesn’t like having the parents in the room too so we have to constantly remind them they cannot. But there will also be 2 or 3 children crying for their parents and we can not do anything about it expect for letting them stay. Another con is that we have to take care the children like taking them to the washroom or taking them for a drink but sometimes they just want to leave the studio and play with the hand dryer in the washroom. And the other day we had an incident where a kid by accidently took a leak and we had to clean it. And sometimes the children would be really moody and would not want to participate in the program so they just sit there even if we come and ask them what wrong. And my final take back is after a while it becomes boring and tiring because their routine is essentially the same thing every day so it’s repetitive. My role in the organization is in the best on my abilities is to work together with people for the betterment of the community. I’m open to do anything new that will the community and others if needed an extra hand. Help guide children by supporting them in helping them do better in their hobby or interest in dancing. My contribution helps CICS attain its goal in serving the communities with diverse needs across the regions. I also work with other staff members in various settings to carry out defined tasks that support the programs and services attended by clients or community members.I acted the same and treated everyone the same with no difference. I respected the children, the parents, the staff and everyone else there the same regardless of who they are, what they are and what they believe. As a global citizen, my role is to promote equality. When I say I stand for equality, I mean equality in the broadest spectrum. I believe that we as humans, who live in one big community we call Earth, each deserves to be treated equal. I believe that we should all be treated as equals, despite of their gender, sexual orientation, race and religion or beliefs.