Sleep increase muscle control in throat and soft palate,

Sleep Apnea is a disorder which occurs when a person is asleep and interrupted by a blocked airways and reduces or stops the flow of the air. It happened repeatedly to people who have sleep apnea, and when this happens to them, the brain and the rest of the person’s body may not able to get enough oxygen in their body. There are factors on how Sleep Apnea affects our body. Major body parts that are affected by Sleep Apnea is our brain, eyes,  lungs, heart, and bladder. When a Brain is affected, it would mostly cause memorization problems, concentration and poor sleep. When eyes are affected, it causes eye cancer such as floppy eyelid syndrome and glaucama, which eyes aren’t protected during sleep. When a person has a high blood pressure and Sleep Apnea affects the heart, it will make the high blood pressure worst, and can cause several heart attacks, stroke or atrial fibrillation. When blood pressure increase in lungs, or the COPD and night time asthma breathing problem worse, and raises the risk of Pneumonia, our Lungs is affected by Sleep Apnea. When a bladder is affected, it is not really risky. People whose bladder is affected tend to wake up often during the night to use the bathroom. But not everyone who has sleep apnea got all these major body parts affected, there are some parts out there that are also affected. People who has Sleep Apnea experienced these symptoms.Symptoms such as Loud and chronic snoring almost every night,Choking, snorting, or gasping during sleep,Pauses in breathing, Waking up at night feeling short of breath and Daytime sleepiness and fatigue, no matter how much time you spend in bed. These are the common symptoms of sleep apnea. Other warning signs are waking up with a dry mouth and a sore throat, insomnia or nightmare awakenings, restless or fitful nights, going to the bathroom frequently every night, memorization and poor concentrating on everything,depression, headaches every morning and impotent.But all of these symptoms has a cure, these prevention can help anyone with Sleep Apnea. Treatments are lose weight, quit smoking, avoid drinking alcohol, taking sleeping pills, and sedatives, also exercise regularly, avoid caffeine and heavy meals,and maintain regular sleep. Other thing that helps is singing.Singing can increase muscle control in throat and soft palate, which reduces snoring and can prevent Sleep Apnea.