Should traveling many miles a day in herds of

Should zoos be banned for cruelty to animals? an ongoing debate. Zoos have had a history of lying to the public about how they treat their animals, PETA’s standing in zoo’s animal abuse says “Zoos are businesses that capitalize on breeding, buying, and selling animals. Their main priority is profit, not animal welfare.” Zoos are a pleasure for many children to visit and are supposedly educational, how you know that their animals are as happy as zoo’s claim they are, you don’t.  On the offhand to popular belief actions often taken from the animals as “happiness”, and “excitement” is often stress or depression.While many believe that animals are “happy” in their isolated lifestyle research has proven quite the contrary. Scientists have reported from many zoos that animals are extremely enclosed from what they are used to in the wild and show signs of stress at high levels. Animals show repetitive behavior when they are stressed, while zoos pass this off as it being their “happy signs” the truth is regardless of how large zoos try to make animal enclosures, or decorate them like their natural habitat it will still be too small and humans intensively observing the animals, doesn’t help. For example, “Elephants in the wild, are used to traveling many miles a day in herds of about ten related adults and their offspring. They are very social animals, in zoos, elephants are usually kept in pairs or even isolated” (veganpeace). Helpless animals suffering from humans selfish needs, placed in cheap “affordable” cages stressed to the point where they die early of depression in zoos. How can this be fair?Although zoos advertize “saving” animals and endangered species, the truth god forbid to be revealed, is the zoo’s rarely save animals from going extinct, if at all they accelerate the process. Zoos claim to help with conservation. However, hardly any zoo registers their animals on an international species database and most zoo animals are not endangered at all (veganpeace). Even though there are thousands of endangered species, zoos have only been able to return about 16 species to the wild with varying level of success. Most zoo animals released in the wild don’t survive. This is because zoos don’t provide the right environment for a successful captive breeding project. The animals would need to live in habitats resembling their natural ones, especially in terms of climate and fauna. The animals would also need to be raised with minimal human contact and in populations large enough to provide a natural social balance and a suitable gene pool (veganpeace). This alone means that the animals cannot be observed by children and kids for “education”.        Zoo’s claim to be “friendly” with their animals and treat them with the utmost kindness. Nevertheless behind the public’s back.  Zoos have done nothing but earn a profit at the expense of their fauna far too many times. For example, rain-lashed Humboldt penguins on antidepressants because they’re so “unhappy”, a giraffe killed and fed to lions when he outlived his “usefulness”,  a gorilla shot and killed after escaping an “award-winning” exhibit at the Dallas Zoo. The Gaza zoo painting stripes on donkeys to make them look like zebras, in 2006 several accredited zoos importing 33 monkeys illegally trafficked by African poachers (PETA). Do any of these sounds like the “utmost kindness” to you? While few may believe that zoo’s had protected the animals from the poachers, all they did was support the poachers so that they have money to purchase more ammunition and hurt more animals.        Once again, zoos are businesses that capitalize on breeding, buying and selling animals. Their main priority is profit, not animal welfare. Sanctuaries, and zoos if one claims to be the same then why are they different? Sanctuaries save animals and zoos, well the rest goes without saying. You can save these animals from being mistreated, you can save these animals from suffering hardships, and depression, don’t support animal abuse, boycott the zoos!