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Shatter MeBy: Denny ChenLife ScienceSkinner North640 W. Scott StChicago,IL 606107thTable Of ContentsTitle Page Page 1Table of Contents Page 2Acknowledgements Page 3Testable Questions Page 4Purpose Page 5Hypothesis Page 6Research Page 7Procedure Page 8Data Page 9Conclusion           Page 10Reflection           Page 11Application           Page 12          Acknowledgements: I would like to acknowledge my dad for buying me some fried chicken so that I could have a supply of chicken bones and my older sister for eating most of the meat so I could eat. Otherwise there would be no possible I could do my projects and finish my procedure of measuring psi.Testable Question: How much Psi does it take to break all the bones in a human body?        Purpose:My purpose of doing this project is to learn more about the human body and see if there are ways to substitute the skeletal system and hopefully find a way that humans can resist bone fractures and we can learn more by studying about other animals and figure out how we will compare these bodies.              Hypothesis: You can compare the psi applied to a chicken bone and convert it into human standards to find out how much psi it takes to break all the bones in the human body.Research: To figure out if my hypothesis is true I need to take chicken bones and apply the weight, size, and shape to compare it to a human bone. The human femur is approximately 48 cm tall and 5.9436 cm diameter and can carry about 30 times the weight of an average adult, the average adult is about 191 lbs for males and 159 lbs for women in the U.S. That would be about 4,770 lbs to 5,730 lbs for the average adult in the U.S. The chicken femur or drumstick is about 6 cm in length and 2 cm in diameter and the average chicken weighs around 4 pounds. So the equation is Human Divided by Chicken to get the average comparison between each bone. Some other information I got can be seen down below:”One cubic inch of bone can withstand the weight of five standard pickup trucks, give or take a few pounds.”Newtons are a unit of force like psiA human femur can handle 4000 NewtonsA average Man is 5 foot 10 inches or 177 cmA average  Woman is 5 foot 4 inches214 ft below the sea level is a record for diving with no gearTo find how thick/dense your bone is you need to use a machines known as the DEXA scan270 bones when born and 206 later onPeople shouldn’t go past 130 ft below sea levelOsteoporosis makes bones weakerFemur is the strongest boneFemur can take in 4000 Newtons also known as 899.23577 Pound Force Our bones are stronger than steelProcedure: I first calculated all the data for the average human’s height, weight, arm span, and amount of bonesThen I calculated the same thing for chickens and added some of the data with chicken wing bonesI tested all my data by comparing the differences between each body, human and chickenAfter calculating it I found out the comparisons between each creature Data: ChickenHuman Femur: 2 cm diameter, 6 cm LengthFemur: 48 cm Length, 5.8436 cm DiameterRib: 7 Ribs in totalRib: 24 Ribs in totalSpine: 16 inches Spine: 69.685 inches Weight: 3.5 lbs to 4 lbsWeight: 159 lbs to 191 lbs(Some parts of the chicken body are different from human bodies)Conclusion: My hypothesis was right, it is possible to transfer these two different beings to show that crushing bones can be applied to both beings and finding the ratio between human and chicken bones can be possible and you can calculate the psi breaking weight for chicken bones and apply it to human bones. I got about 899 pounds of pressure to break all the bones in the human body and about 18.83 pounds of pressure to break all the bones in a chicken. These tests were ran 3 different times and I needed to calculate the average between each data and I finally ended up a body difference of 47.7429633563 cubic inches.Reflection: My project was really difficult because I thought that applying weight would mess up the entire equation and not only the lack of information couldn’t be found so I had to make up a different way to solve the transfer between chicken and human bones. The was a vast range between each trial and I had to calculate the mean of the data and finally got as close as I could to the chicken body to the human. Now there were different types of humans, race, age, etc and it also applied to chickens from Asia to Europe so I chose average American’s and your average American chickens.Applications:—vector-illustration.html,1303553677,2/stock-vector-human-skeleton-75795286.jpg es/brahmas.html