Shakespeare’s Othello Essay

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Shakespeare’s Othello Essay

One major cause of racial hatred in England at this time is the treatment of colored people during the Elizabethan Era. What people during this time thought about People of a different race is another consideration. One more aspect is the jobs people of color were allowed to have during this time period. Racial hatred reach a high point during Queen Elizabeth I reign. The treatment Of people of a different race contributed greatly to this spike in racism. Black people were beat, sold as property, and made to obey the “superior whites”. “… U might equally meet men and women of color being whipped through the city, their backs raw and 31). Few color people were able to avoid the bitter persecution. Cases of genuine ill- treatment that came into the counts probably represent only a fraction of those that occurred, and undoubtedly great cruelty was sometimes practiced… ” (Jocosely, Lees 521).

Othello tries to live his life without the harsh judgment of people, but all goes wrong when he marries the fair Desman. Othello instantaneously becomes the target of Ordering and Ago, who create disastrous plot to end Othello and Adhesion’s relationship.

Throughout the play Othello is discriminated against repeatedly, logo[to Abortion, Adhesion’s father]: “… Even now, now, very now, an old black ram is outpourings white I, 94-95). During this time period most white people had no respect or any sense of sympathy for those of a different race. Othello was lucky to have the respect of the majority of people in which he encountered. White people of these beliefs only considered the Negroes property, and did not believe that they ere wrong about their thoughts of them.

The social class of a black person Was in the same Category as farm animals. Not a single black person Was allowed to read or write, or be educate in any fashion unless they were free. Black people were not treated as men but as animals that were domesticated and expected to serve the white man, free of charge and free of complaint! The life on an Elizabethan Negro was impeccably harsh and racist. The conditions under which men-and maid-servants often lived, lacked their privacy and freedom… ” (Jocosely, Lees 521).

People with different races, especially blacks, living in England during the Elizabethan Era did not have much of a choice where they worked, unless they were free. Most Negroes worked on farms, for their owner, or in a general store. They often worked under extremely poor conditions and rarely had good hygiene. However, in the play Othello had it made, he was a General in the Venetian Army. He was respected for his ability as a warrior. The treatment of Othello illustrates both a shift toward tolerance and the lingering seeds of prejudice in the real Venice of the late 297).

Although he was not as unfortunate as other colored people during this time, he was still a victim and racism, racial hatred, and extreme jealousy. ‘The Elizabethan Era, which lasted from 1558 to 1603, is remembered as a time of dramatic changes in England… ” (Killeen 14). Racism and racial hatred reached a new height during the reign of Elizabeth l, and impacted Blacks the most. The Elizabethan Era was also a time of great literary works, such as Othello, “Othello is both fantasy of interracial love and social tolerance, and a estimate of racial hatred and male violence… (Lomb 2).

When comparing the Racial hatred and racism seen during the Elizabethan Era to that in the play Othello, there are several aspects on must look at. The consideration Of how people of color were treated has a major impact on the racial hatred seen in these times. Another aspect one should look at is what white people thought of people of a different race. The final consideration is the types of jobs that blacks had or were permitted to have during this time period.


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