Self Care Strategies

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Self Care Strategies

When many think about self-care, the first thing that comes to mind is to pamper one’s self such as a facial, manicure, pedicure, and or a massage. To pamper one’s self is definitely a way an individual can choose to take care of one’s self. According to the free dictionary self-care is (2015), “The care Of oneself without medical, professional, or other assistance or oversight. “

Many individuals working in the field of human services are caught up in work and sometimes forget to use self-care strategies. Sometimes the last person social workers nurture is themselves” (Jackson, 2014, Para. ). With professionals in the human services field forgetting to use self-care strategies, many times they reach the point of burnout. High success rates with clients are less likely to happen with professionals who have reached the point of burnout. There are many self-care techniques that can be used, but it depends on the individual and his or her preferences. In this paper team B, will discuss and compare some self-care strategies personally used in the areas of family, work, and school.

Team Self Strategies Self-care strategies may be different for every individual depending on his or her personality. There can be many different creative ways of going about self-care. For example, going for a photo walk or painting are creative actions used to relieve stress (Translators, 2015). With the three individuals in team B, there are many similar and differences in the strategies used for self-care. Erica’s strategy for self-care, in general, is going for a run and occasionally going to the movies. At work, Eric will take a break and go for a walk or talk with coworkers.

Stephanie enjoys listening to music, reading a fiction book, and or going for a swim. At Stephanie place of employment, she gets out of her office and assists other coworkers. Martha takes pleasure in going out for long walks to get her mind off things. When Martha is at work, she communicates well with coworkers to make her work easier and more efficient. All of the strategies used by team B have their similarities and differences. For example, the similarities between all three teammates are that they all enjoy some type of physical exercise to relieve stress.

The differences are that Eric enjoys going to the movies to lose reality for a few hours, while Stephanie feels it is a stress relieves to listen to music. While not everyone enjoys the same self-care strategies, it is a necessary method in order to prevent burnout as a professional. Strategies to Incorporate Team B has similar self-care strategies. Two of the team members had running/walking, as a self-care strategy. Stephanie would like to incorporate walking into her self-care strategies. Martha and Eric mentioned how cardiac other than being a healthy live choice, it also allows them to clear their mind.

Since most of the strategies are similar among the self-care strategies were not new to any of the team members. One strategy that was discovered that may benefit all three members was learning some Cape of meditation. According to “Mayo Clinic” (201 5), “Meditation can give you a sense of calm, peace, and balance that benefits both your emotional well-being, and your overall health. ” Meditation would be a great strategy for self-care that would benefit the team in personal, family, student and work areas, because self- care is very important Strategies Not to Use Why is self-care important?

Self-care is important because if a person does not have self-care there may be consequences, such as chronic stress or it could cause burnout. Especially working in the human service field, some of the things or situations that may be encountered could cause stress or Overwhelming. Among team b, most of the strategies are very similar all three members would try each others self-care strategies. It is important to know how self-care works and what strategies work and which do not. While discussing in regards to what self-care strategies work and which do not, Stephanie believed that one of her strategies at times was not very effective.

One of her strategies was reading a fiction book. Her reasoning was that at times, the book allowed her to escape to a fictional world, which was good. Though at times, would get so caught up in the book that rather than reading couple of pages, she would read the complete book, which would make her fall behind and add on more stress. Human service professionals should be aware of self-care and be able to advise clients of self-care. What Can Help Clients Self-care is of much importance for everyone in general, but it can also be really helpful and necessary for clients in the human services field.

Clients to human service professionals are most of the time going through difficult situations, for example marriage problems, depression, anxiety, professional stress, unemployment, disease, addiction, etc.. The professional can always e there for them and make them be aware of their personal self-care. Make them realize that everyone in life might feel tired or overwhelm, but there are many ways that one can try to help oneself feel better and enjoy daily activities. Team B has concluded, that it would be a very good idea that the clients always take some time for self-care.

It can be anything that makes them feel a little more comfortable and not carry a heavy lifestyle they may affect them even more in a future. The biggest advice that team b will like to give the clients is to exercise since this is the main similarity that the team ad discussed. By exercising, one can relax ourselves and forget a little about anything that might be going on at home, school, or work. Exercise also makes a person feel full of energy and this helps everyone to feel ready to keep moving forward with more enthusiasm.

Self-Care Strategy as HAS Professional Being a human service professional self-care is essential and a human service professional should have a self-care routine to avoid burnout. Team B believes that a human service professional should have self-care strategy such as exercise, meditating, and communication. As previously mentioned, he team thinks that exercise is essential to lose stress, and the human service professional would benefit from including a routine of some type of exercise in their daily life.

According to “Health And Balance” (201 5), “Also to meditate a few minutes of practice per day can help ease anxiety, daily meditation may alter the brain’s neural pathways, making you more resilient to stress. ” If the human professional exercises, good communication with his co-workers would be great benefit for self-care, because if they are dealing with too many cases they can communicate their situation and seek help. Everyone will have their own Way of self-care strategies they just have to remember to do it to avoid stress filled days.

Conclusion In conclusion, it is important to utilize many self-care strategies when in any profession. There may be many strategies available, but it is best to use the one appropriate for the individual and his or her preferences. If all human services professionals fail to take care of their selves by not utilizing techniques to manage stress, it would be nearly impossible for any assistance services to be given. For this reason, self-care is a vital aspect of the human services profession.


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