Selection also required secondary data. Secondary data were the

Selection of the topic: The
topic of the study was suggested by my supervisor. Before assigning the topic
it was discussed with me so that a well-organized internship report can be

Identifying data sources:
Essential data sources both primary and secondary are identified which will be
needed to complete and work out the study. The report also required secondary
data. Secondary data were the principal base of information for the study.
Bangladesh Bank’s publications, Banks’ websites, periodicals, and newspapers
are utilized as the secondary sources of the study. A number of books and
related articles from several journals are also utilized to improve the basic
knowledge about the specific matter and numerous international determinations
and creativities for increasing and executing CSR principles and guidelines
were inspected. This report is mainly prepared by the secondary sources of
information and some few primary sources of information like:

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Primary data: 
Discussion with officials of The Mercantile Bank Limited
Face to face conversation with the clients
Direct involvement in the CSR activities in MBL
Direct Observation

Secondary data:
Annual report of MBL
MBL Bulletin
Periodicals published by Bangladesh Bank
Office circular and other published papers, documents and reports.

Limitations of the Study:

The report is written
mainly on the basis of face to face conversation with the officials and little
practical experience in the bank. So, there is no perfect study is conducted to
measure the viability of the report. The following are some other limitations:
Limitation of time was one of the most important factors that shortened the
present study. Due to time constraints, many aspects could not by discuss in
the present study.  Confidentiality of
data was another important barrier that was faced during the conduct of this
study. Similar to every organization MBL has their own secrecy that cannot be
revealed in publics.
There might be some
level of inaccuracy with those collected information because I had more
dependence on the primary sources.