Secondly, The bully could be anywhere on the other

cyber-bullying is more serious than normal bullying. For normal-bullying, the bully
will usually just go to the same school, or live near the victim, however, with
cyber-bullying, the bully could be anywhere. The bully could be anywhere on the
other side of the computer screen, anywhere in the world! Not only are the
places unlimited, the time is unlimited. Normal-bullying will usually occur
during school, or whenever the victim is outside, but cyber-bullying can happen
anytime. The bully can send a message whenever they want, wherever they want.
Clearly, cyber-bullying is more extensive than normal bullying. However,
according to the Legal intern of the United states Attorney’s office, Tiffany
Sumrall, in her article, “Lethal Words: The Harmful Impact of
Cyberbullying and the Need for Federal Criminalization”, she has provided
the fact that, “49 out of the 50 states have laws against bullying. However,
only 25 out of the 50 states have laws against cyber-bullying. It is generally
accepted that bullying is illegal.” Cyber-bullying is more serious than normal
bullying. So by criminalizing cyber-bullying, it can also be generally accepted
that cyber-bullying is illegal.



cyber bullying would act as a deterrent. If cyber bullying will be criminalized,
it would decrease the number of people who do it, because they know that there
is the possibility of getting in trouble for it. For example: before the laws
about using cell phones while driving, pretty much everyone at one point or
another used their cell phone, even though they knew it probably wasn’t the
best idea. However, after the cell phone laws, less and less people talk or
text on their cell phones while they’re driving, because they know there’s a
consequence. The same idea applies here. If people will be aware of the fact
that they could get into some serious trouble for cyber bullying someone, then
almost everyone is going to be a lot less tempted to do so. The risk of getting
in trouble is enough for some people to just say “no” and save the
future of the youth around the world.

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