Safe wide range of issues relating to workplace health,

Safe practice includes constant risk assessments and evaluating
potential threats, planning tasks with careful consideration us important, you
should know the limits and act within your competence levels. 

Duty of care: The duty which rests upon an individual or
organisation to ensure that all reasonable steps are taken to ensure the safety
of a child. If carers are negligent which means if the carers are careless or
neglectful then they can be sacked, this could also bring the business (service
provider) a bad reputation and put of service users off using the service. Duty
of care refers to the legal obligation for all carers to prevent harm and carry
out safeguarding. 

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Nurses and nursing staff manage risk, are vigilant about risk,
and help to keep everyone safe in the places they receive health care. Nurses
and nursing staff have up-to-date knowledge and skills, and use these with
intelligence, insight and understanding in line with the needs of each
individual in their care. 

The service provider wherever setting they are working in must
ensure that they follow and put into practice safe workplace policies. Not
practicing safe work ethics may lead to accidents that can be painful
emotionally and physically and even in some cases lead to accidents that could
be fatal. When accidents happen, they will have to be investigated by the CQC
and the workplace this may be costly for both the service user and the service
provider and a loss of trust and confidence for the providers. All the service
users are individuals with unique needs and problems which relevant to them
this means person centred care needs to be happening to make sure all the
demands are met.

Legislations are the act of making or enacting laws, the laws
are then enacted by a legislative body such as parliament. Legislation can
override most other laws, including previous legislations or regulations passed
by authorities because of this it is considered a higher form of law.

Health and safety:

The main purpose of the Act is to protect workers from health
and safety hazards on the job. The Act deals with a wide range of issues
relating to workplace health, safety and welfare across different sectors. It
outlines all the commitments for workplace groups and rights for workers. Under
health and safety law, employers have to undertake a risk assessment, they must
work out what the hazards are in the workplace, discern the level of risk they
affect the health and safety of service users or providers and work out ways to
diminish the risk of harm. The service providers should have up to date
training materials, assistance, and programs in safe work practices. Health and
safety legislations are important in health and social care setting because it
helps service providers achieve the highest duty of care and understand the
procedures to do if risks were spotted and how to spot potential risks. Health
and safety is important for both the service user and the service provider to
create a safe environment for them to treat and be treated in.

In the Zebra ward and Merryvale residence the health care
professionals are from different backgrounds to ensure the holistic needs are
met, multidisciplinary working, the providers need to tell the other workers
about any risks that have happened and what precautions to take when dealing
with the potential risk. In Merryvale there are a lot of vulnerable people with
various special requirements, there is a high risk for all of the residence as
they mostly have reduced mobility and because they are vulnerable and
susceptible to bruising easily the professionals have to take care in helping
them. They have a duty of are to help them and to reduce the risk in the
environment to make it easier for the users and the providers to work
effectively and efficiently. Health and safety makes sure that in Merryvale the
residence is safe and that risk assessments regarding the residence are up to
date and that the legislate body agrees with the outcome. Health and safety
could also regard abuse and the duty of care and code of conduct are two of the
most important procedures that health care professionals should follow to
ensure health and safety legislations are implicated. In Zebra ward which is a
paediatric medical ward at prince Oswald’s children hospital provides care for
children from the age of six months to two years with various medical conditions.
When dealing with children it is important to assess the environment to make
sure there aren’t any hazards or potential risks to keep the service user safe.
The assessment of the hospital should be reinforced by the health care
professionals and they should be able to spot risks that could harm the service
users and make sure they follow the simple steps to rectify it. In regards to
the Zebra ward, the duty of care is to have their rights protected and to keep
them from harm. The provider also has the duty of care to spot abuse issues,
they also need to put the health and welfare of the service user first and even
in an emergency their general health comes first. Health and safety needs to implicate
in both setting to ensure a safe and secure and to make sure the environment is
the best to maintain the highest quality of care. The service providers should
be reviewing legislation, recommending policies, and monitoring safety policies
and programs.

Fire safety:

Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 is the fire safety
regulations all settings must abide by. In the United Kingdom fire
safety was covered by about seventy pieces of fire
safety legislation, the most important legislations are the Fire Precautions
Act 1961 and the Fire Precautions Regulations1997/ is important to
have this legislation as if they don’t it will cause panic within the
healthcare settings and may result in injuries because of the fire.

In the Merryvale Residence, the residences are exposed to risks
of fire if there isn’t a legislation involved in the setting. As most of the
residence have mobility issues they will have to educated in the correct way
they should move and where the fire assembly point is, or if the staff need to
aid them they will be instructed to keep calm when in the risk of fire. In
regards to the zebra ward, there is a lot of people in the hospital first of
all and the zebra is only one section so in an event of a fire there needs to
be various assembly points that the patients can get to easily and in an
orderly manner. There should be enough staff to help the bed-bound patients
move out fast and enough staff to keep everyone calm. In both settings if the
fire legislations weren’t there fires would be easily started and there would
be havoc and the unorganised setting could result in problems for all parties
including the fire-fighters, staff, the visitors and the patients themselves.
This would help safe practice because the legislations are up to date and are
in place, there will be quicker responses to imminent threats and there would
be less fires happening as there would be preventative strategies and rules all
must obey by.

Food safety:

The Food Safety Act is the preparation and the correct storage
of food. The CQC requires that care services ensure that the food and drink
they provide is handled, stored, prepared and delivered in a way that meets the
requirements of the Act. In this safety act there are a number of routines that
should be followed to avoid potential health hazards. The service providers
should have up to date training materials, assistance, and programs in safe
work practices. There are legible authorities like The Food Standards Agency
(FSA) that come to the health and social care settings to ensure that the food
you serve or sell is of the quality which they would expect. They will
intervene where the health care settings fail to meet the requirements and in
emergency situations.

In Merryvale residence and any other setting the food needs to
be of high standard to keep the service users happy. The food must be stored
correctly and managed so no cross-contamination happens, this reduces the
illnesses that could happen and make sure that people with allergies have
reduced contact with an allergic reaction because of this. They have the duty
of care to provide the highest standards of care for the service users. The
hygiene of the residence needs to be kept clean to provide a safe and secure
environment. If the requirements are not met the setting will not be
providing the highest quality of care and would be putting the service users in
danger. In Zebra Ward the children already have illnesses and because of this
it is important to have high quality foods that pass the food safety act. In
both Merryvale and Zebra Ward the service users have weak immune systems and
because of this they are more prone to get infected by food diseases such as
salmonella, Escherichia coli (E.
coli), or a virus, such as the norovirus. This would make the users ill and
this means the duty of care of the professionals has failed and that safe
practice is not happening.  To make sure
standards are kept the providers have to keep up to date with new policies and
procedures and practice safe.

Manual handling:  

Manual handling is a major issue for
care providers as people with limited mobility need to be assisted safely to
move and transfer. It is important manual handling is safely done and that the
health worker respects the dignity of the individual. The health care
professionals are required to make a balanced approach that reduces risks for
both them and the user while at the same time maintaining the dignity, privacy
of those they are caring for. The
service providers should have up to date training materials, assistance, and
programs in safe work practices.The problem of lifting for example an
overweight person may be hard for one or two people and this problem must be
solved and not ignored as that would be a failure of duty of care. Failure to
lift the service users could leave them stuck in a bath or suffering from aches
and pains when left for a long period of time.

In zebra ward and Merryvale residence
the service users may need to be handled and dealt with by moving them, it is
important that their rights are not breached and that they are safe in the
hands of the professional. There are many situations where handling is
appropriate an example of this would be when the elderly people at Merryvale
are stuck in the bathroom or when in the Zebra ward they are too weak to move
themselves. The service user has the right to ask which gender and who
maneuvers them and it the duty of care of the health care professionals to obey

of injuries, diseases and occurrences regulations:  

 The health care
professionals have an obligation to report death or serious workplace
accidents, diseases and any other risks to the HSE. The HSE is the health and
safety executive which is accountable for the service provider’s actions and
what precautions that could be put in place rot stop these risks from
happening.The service providers
should have up to date training materials, assistance, and programs in safe
work practices. It is important to report injuries as this indicates
something has gone wrong in protecting the service user and that there should
be renewed policies put in place to make sure that nothing else happens in the
future. If there are possible contagious diseases the correct authorities need
to be reported to, to isolated he care setting and make sure they know what the
disease is and what the effects are.

In the Zebra Ward and Merryvale
residence it is extremely important to report injuries as the elderly and the
young are more exposed to contagious diseases and they will last longer in the
body as the immune system for the elderly has declined. This would cause
problems for all service users as they would need to be taken to have tests and
given medicine to make them feel better on top of their initial problems. The
service providers have the duty of care to keep the service uses from harm and
make sure that they are looked after and safe practice.

 Control of Substances Hazardous to Health

 In health and social care setting the control
of substances may apply to cleaning materials and medications that may be
dangerous if not used properly. It is important for the service provider to
safely prescribe the medication making sure the service user knows the risk to
avoid complaints and legal proceedings. They also have the duty of care to keep
the user away from harm by ensuring that the potentially dangerous substances
are safely stored and that the staff are up to date with the training regarding
the hazardous substances.  The law requires
control the exposure levels to dangerous substances if they can be secured in a
safe and password secure room. The service provider should have the contact information
for the authorities, the emergency
response services for incidents involving hazardous materials
and all staff should be aware of the guidance on effective emergency management
of the materials/substances.

In the Zebra Ward and Merryvale it is important for safe
practice, to keep everyone safe when dealing with these substances. The young
children in the ward are easily damaged by the substances as their cells are
still new and by giving the children dangerous substances it could cause the
cells to mutate resulting in big problems in later life. The chronic illnesses
will cause problems for all those involved as they may not know the
consequences of exposing the children to the hazardous substances. Many can damage the skin, and some can cause serious
long-term damage to the lungs.
The Merryale residents may already have problems like asthma or ill health and
by using certain cleaning materials it can cause irritations for their lungs
and could cause an outbreak in air disease related problems. By keeping the
substances safe the providers are protecting the duty of care and keeping the
service user and other service providers safe. They could also provide
hazardous waste management and disposal services this would prevent any
contaminated objects and left-over substances from being used again or getting
picked up by other people. The service providers should have up to date
training materials, assistance, and programs in safe work practices.

Each individual in health and social care is expected to perform
all work safely. Managers and supervisors should inaugurate and maintain a
system of safety which will have positive impact on the service users and will
make sure the environment is safe for all users and providers. They should also
make sure there’s discipline to uphold good health and safety practices. Safety
must be a part of every individual’s role and responsibility for expectation
and evaluation.

Duty of care is a legal obligation to, the principle is this is
that you have an obligation to avoid acts which could be foreseen to injure or
put service users at risk the service provider should always acts in the best
interest of individuals and others. Not act or fail to act in a way those
results in harm. This means that you must foresee risks for the user and take
care to prevent them coming to harm. It is important for the server provider
have a duty of care to all those receiving care and support in your workplace.
This means endorsing health and wellbeing and making sure that people are
guarded safe from harm, abuse and injury. It is significant to promote safe
practice and that all health care professionals know and apply the regulations.
If not properly done it can result in extreme mistakes and complaints, this
would then be handled by the manager and if the offence is serious you could be
stripped off you licence, the overall image of the health and social care
setting will be affected by this and the service user may not want to go back
to the provider. In extreme cases it could lead to criminal charges and this
would have seriously negative consequences for both the provider and the user,
so all legislations and the duty of care are needed to provide a safe and
secure environment which promotes the individual. 

A complaint is important as it provides health service providers
with insight that they can improve their work and the overall service user
experience. The effective feedback positive and negative is very helpful; it is
used for valuable information to make important decisions. Certain
organisations such as the CQC, the Ombudsman Health Service and the local
council want to know about any complaints and these are the services you would
go to if your complaint is not being taken seriously or you are unhappy of the
outcome. It can also use the complaints to improve services, service users are
entitled to high-quality care and, where opportunities for improvements has
been identified, it is important that those improvements are made. When someone
gets a complaint the service provider wants to prevent it from happening again,
as it will look bad for the representation of the practice, by improving the
service it means they won’t have bad reputation and ensure the service
providers are doing their job properly. More people are likely to go to the
service provider if they take in consideration complaints and act upon