s with its in-built readiness to change in accordance

human beings, curiosity is ingrained in our minds in order to learn and
progress, which is one of the many reasons why I have decided to finally begin
my journey into the world of law. Being a vital component in the successful
integration of people, law impresses me with its in-built readiness to change
in accordance with society. As someone who welcomes a challenge, this is the
perfect opportunity to immerse myself in research and debates. My enthusiasm
for Law not only fuels my passion for the subject but I also picture myself
having a distinguished career in this field. My own motivation came from seeing
a small part of the law in action. I was employed as a student support officer
when I was asked to research and present my findings to a board of directors on
upcoming changes to visa regulations affecting students. By gaining a practical
insight I realised two things – first, the power the law has on people’s lives,
and second, interpreting law effectively can mitigate loss of income.

Incorporating this into my answer to “why law?” gave me, in the
absence of any real legal experience, the chance to show a more personal
response. I intended to apply to Universities that are known for its diversity
because I want to learn about the law from a lot of different perspectives. The
high-pressure environment and multi-faceted curriculum of law school will force
me to think fast and deal with problems rationally and in a timely manner. Law
manages to affect everything, and studying it will give me the freedom to develop
my interest in anything.

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my gap year, I have gained experience working in a care home. My roles included
supporting the needs of the service users i.e. doing personal care, recording
the activities in a daily basis. Such experiences allowed me enhance my skill
of empathy; also, being given the trust to be a part of peoples lives and help
them through challenges gave me the confidence in approaching challenges which
I believe is an important asset.


been born in the Philippines and living in the UK for the past 5 years, has
enabled me to compare the ways where the two countries are differ in terms of
political, social and economic aspects. Attending school in the Philippines
until my teenage years was not only a cultural awakening but gave me the
awareness of the different types of corruption held in the government. This has
enabled me to uphold a broadmindedness approach in life. I trust that studying
Law will not only further my learning but also give me a greater chance of
working for the betterment of society.


have placed a focus on humanities subjects such as Citizenship and History
during my GCSE years. Studying these subjects, an enjoyment in the research,
writing and especially the analytical aspects gives me a sense of
accomplishment. Hence I believe that studying law trains students to speak with
conviction, act with poise and write with purpose, which filters in to all
aspects of their lives. Studying law allows me see both sides of a situation,
resulting in the craft a top-notch counterargument which is why it will advance
my abilities with my communication skills. I am able to form different
arguments to support different viewpoints and question the significance of
events. I have also developed the skills of time-management, debating and
particularly essay writing to a sophisticated level. Furthermore, this course
will teach me how to approach conflicts with different types of people, how to
understand their mind-set and how to deliver my points of view. As a person who
is opinionated and argumentative, I want to be in the position to win any
argument with just. Law school provides a transition from the wild world of
college to the wild world of life. With the skills I have accumulated over the
years, and the qualifications I have gained, I am elated to embark upon the
course and relish in the obstacles Law may bring.