Rosseau leads to corrupt human beings. Individuals benefit from

agues how it was civilization that corrupted man and made them deviant. It could
have been concluded that back when natural men existed, things would have been
different. Natural men had hardly any sin in them, how men would act more on
morals. He states how men have achieved to be unhappy with all this corruption.
Rosseau still believe men are still naturally good but questions what made man
so evil. He blames society and self interest for the corruption of men. For
instance, “Let human society be as highly admired as one wants; it is
nonetheless true that it necessarily brings men to hate each other in
proportion to the conflict of their interest, to render each other apparent
services and in fact do every imaginable harm to one another” (Rosseau 2002,
p.193). Rosseau expresses how self interests and the influence of society leads
to corrupt human beings. Individuals benefit from the disasters and harsh luck
of others. As civilization started to develop, so much envy among each other come
into sight, and men wishing others dead had created other men’s wealth.
            Natural men back then didn’t have
much competition that would conflict between one another and disparity started
to show as others had more since some were more education and wiser than others.
“When, on the one hand, one considers the vast labors of men, so many
sciences fathomed, so many arts invented, and so many forces employed …. one cannot
fail to be struck by the astounding disproportion prevailing between these
things, and to deplore man’s blindness, which to feed his foolish pride and
indefinable vain admiration for himself, makes him run avidly after all the
miseries of which he is susceptible, and which beneficent nature had taken care
to keep from him” (Rosseau 2002, p. 193).  He states that because of all this new building
and technology and capacity some men had, corruption emerged.  Returning to a state of “nature” as
per Rousseau, is quite impossible because he says men need to governed as for
who they are now. Passions and the develop of society have destroyed nature, or
the roots of natural men.