Right specialize in Computer Aided Design and Analysis. To

Right from my school days I have always questioned the
working of machines and sought answers to the problems that intrigued me. My
purpose of continuing my education is to deepen my knowledge of the subject and
to share with the community the experience I have gained from my past years of


Automobile Design is and has always been my primary
area of interest. My fascination for automobiles started in my early childhood
days with model cars and this gradually developed into an interest for the
actual machines themselves. I keep myself well informed on the latest trends
and development in the automobile field with newspapers and magazines.
Computers has always kept me spell bound with the limitless possibilities it
offers. I am well versed in C++ programming and have equipped myself with a
sound knowledge of computer hardware too. Hence compounding my computer talents
to my engineering skills I wish to specialize in Computer Aided Design and
Analysis. To help me achieve my aim I have completed a course on CAD modeling
using CATIA. Besides the above mentioned software I am also comfortable working
with AutoCAD and Pro-Engineer.

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For my undergraduate project I have concentrated on my
other area of interest namely Internal Combustion Engines. I am currently
working on the design and fabrication of the Sinusoidal cam engine which is a
barrel type internal combustion engine which uses a sinusoidal cam to convert
the reciprocating motion of the piston into rotary motion without the conventional
connecting rod and crankshaft assembly. My team members and I are working on
the design, analysis and fabrication of prototype of the engine. This project
has also opened my eyes towards the endless variations possible in the design
of Internal Combustion Engines constantly improving efficiency and developing
an environment friendly product.


I have also co-authored a research paper on Torque and
Stress balancing of Contra helically armored cable in the Indian National
journal, Manufacturing Technology Today. For my graduate studies however I am
open to other topics of specialization as well. I am keen on extending the
influence Engineering has on medicine by developing newer and better
instruments with advanced materials which not only assure safe procedures but
also improves patient comfort. The fact that my father is a doctor pushed me to
experiment with the possibilities of the collaborating Engineering with Medicine.


Industrial visits to various companies are the reason
for inculcating this growing interest in me to think of solutions to problems
from the engineer’s perspective. Working there helped get accustomed to the
work environment in industries. I underwent in-plant training for a period of 2
weeks at the Tuticorin Thermal Power Station (TTPS) during which I learnt the
various aspects of the power generating industry. I had the opportunity of
witnessing the over hauling of the Turbine and Generator core. Besides this I
have attended numerous one day visits to various industries. The most prominent
being Volvo, Shanti Gears, Autotech Industries and Ennore Thermal Power Plant.


Apart from academics, I also actively play a number of
sports, badminton and football being my favourite. I also love to explore the
outdoors and wildlife. I have been a part of many trekking expeditions
conducted by the school and otherwise. They were two day camps which included
pitching camps for the night. This is where I gained my essential survival
skills and first aid knowledge. I have also shouldered many responsibilities in
various collegiate symposiums. I am always ready for a challenge and I put in
my full effort to see it completed. I was the Coordinator for CAD Design and
Assembly contest during the National Level Technical Symposium conducted by the
department of Mechanical Engineering. Apart from this I am also the Event
Coordinator for the CAD Design Contest for the National Level Technical
Festival called ‘Kurukshetra’ conducted by the College
of Engineering, Anna University.


The key ingredient to an excellent University
education lies in the synergistic relationship between the student and the department.
I would be extremely grateful if I am given the opportunity to pursue my MS
degree in your esteemed institution with the necessary financial support.