Richard SpaceCraft2. Virgin Galactic Virgin was performing very well,

Branson is now married to Joan Templeman and has two kids called Holly and Sam.
He usually stays at his residence on Necker Island in the British Virgin
Islands but was destroyed by storm Irma in September 2017. Richard Branson
still visits his island even though it got destroyed.


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the success of the first test people became interested in this and by April 13th
2013 already 500 people had reserved tickets for the space tour.

is now focused on his space company called Virgin Galactic. He partnered with
Scaled Composites to make Virgin Galactic. They then instantly started working
on the spaceship. In April 2013 the project had made very good progress on
their spaceship called SpaceCraft2.


was performing very well, and Branson was then able to make Voyager Group
travel company in 1982 then made the Virgin Atlantic airline in 1984 and a few
other Virgin Megastores. The company then went through some struggles and in
1992 Branson had to sell his company to Thorn EMI for $1 billion. In 1993 he
founded the station Virgin Radio, and in 1996 he started a second record
company called V2 which signed artists like Powder Finger and Tom Jones. He has
now expanded his businesses to a train company, a luxury game preserve, a
mobile phone company and a space-tourism company called Virgin Galactic. In
1999 he has knighted for his contribution to entrepreneurship.


started his record business in the church where he had the Student magazines.
He interviewed new artists like Mick Jagger. His magazines then became a
success overnight. By 1969, Branson was living in London. He then came up with
the idea for ”Virgin” to mail order his records. It performed ok but was able
to build a recording studio in 1972 in Oxfordshire, England. Mike Oldfield
recorded his first song called ”Tubular Bells”. The song instantly became
worldwide and  it was on the UK charts
for 247 weeks. Branson then was able to sign new bands like the Sex Pistols and
artists like the Culture Club, the Rolling Stones and Genesis.


Branson was born on the 18th of July 1950 in Blackheath London in
England. Richard Branson is the son of Eve Branson who worked as a flight
attendant and Edward James Branson who worked as a barrister. Richard Branson
went to school at Scaitcliffe School, a prep school in Surrey. He then went to
Cliff View House School in Sussex for a short time. Then he attended Stowe
School, an independent school in Buckinghamshire until the age of sixteen.
Richard Branson has from dyslexia and didn’t perform well in school and on his
last day of school when he was dropping out, his principal Robert Drayson said
that he would either end up in prison or become a millionaire. Luckily for him
his parents were very supportive of him becoming an entrepreneur and his mother
also was successful by building and selling wooden tissue boxes and wastepaper

Early Life