REVIEW He explores the themes that he introduces rather

REVIEW By NAZA MONEKETITLE OF BOOK: THE WAY OF KINGSAUTHOR: BRANDON SANDERSONGENRE: EPIC FANTASYPUBLICATION DATE: AUGUST 31, 2010PUBLISHER: TOR BOOKSCITY: NEW YORK CITYEDITION: 1st EDITIONDATE OF REVIEW: 01-22-18Mythology, knights and fantasy in general places us in worlds and eras where our imagination can run wild and free. I mean take one look at the cover of Brandon Sanderson’s The Way of Kings and you’ll see what I’m talking about.The cover alone before reading the short summary at the back of the book gives you insight in what to expect.The Way of Kings is an amazing epic fantasy book that takes you into a world far beyond reach. The book is pretty much the exact definition of an epic fantasy book from the very beginning as it entails very traditional heroism. There are some very recognisable archetypal characters and one of the greatest things about the characters in The Way Of Kings is that they’re not necessarily stereotypical. Some author’s when describing a character especially when it comes to ethnicity and race describes the typical and stereotypical attributes that make up the person. For example, the typical french girl wears a red beret, white and black scarf tied around the neck, white and black striped top, black or red skirt or pants, and black ballet flats.If I’m being completely honest, Brandon Sanderson just made me fall in love with Epic Fantasy. I thought l liked it, but now I am in LOVE with capital letters. The main thing that makes this book really different from other epic fantasies is that he makes it all his own. He explores the themes that he introduces rather than just throwing it out there.The Stormlight Archive promises to be a long series and The KIngs Way is the first out of the four that has already been published. Brandon Sanderson did a phenomenal job with the book presentation as it starts with a dang and finishes with another dang. It not only has serious moments of vigorous action but it also takes an amazing amount of time introducing the main characters and bothe their past and present. He places them in the right scene and action and that’s what I like the most about this book. Some authors try to make a book so amazing that they start placing random characters in certain parts of the story and it makes you wonder what they’re doing there as they have nothing to do with the story. That is one of my biggest pet peeves when it come to reading. The fact that the book is first edition and is 1,007 page long, had me thinking it was going to be a quick read and that I would get bored but boy was I wrong.I’ve read other works of Brandon Sanderson like all the three books in THE RECKONERS SERIES and I have to say that The Way Of KIngs has got to be the best book he’s ever written. I’m still in shock after reading the book because of how outstanding it really is. One word to describe this book is mind blowing and I applaud Sanderson for such an amazing work. One thing I would love to see in the near future is a movie of this book. I’m not even going to scale this book because it doesn’t need scaling. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never read epic fantasies before or if you hate them. Read this book and believe me, you will love it. No correct that, you’ll FALL IN LOVE with this book.