Research women in one country , South Korea. In

Research proposal

Title: An in-depth analysis on why the South Korean market target their men for the cosmetic industry more than their women. 
Abstract: The purpose is to study why the South Korean market target the men for cosmetic industry more than their women. This study was made by referring to various journal articles , blogs and interviews. In which the people interviewed (mostly men) tell how it is very important for them maintain a flawless facade to impress people around them , be it their partner or their bosses. Not only the men but women are also equally affected by the idea of having flawless skin , even they wait to get plastic surgeries done to westernise their looks, mainly their eyes. Data is collected through literature study and blogs. The result says that south Korean men are are the biggest buyers buyer of cosmetic products as it brings confidence within themselves. Even though the men here are the highest consumers of cosmetics , the women are no different even they are so beauty conscious . Plastic surgery has become very common and simple on south Korea. 

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Keywords: Korean men and women, cosmetic product, consumers, south Korea

Introduction: The cosmetic industry throughout the world was always considered a girls only Territory but with time things have been changing , now we see even men using makeup. Makeup is no more a taboo amongst men , for that matter they have been recently using it more than even the women in one country , South Korea. In traditional Korean society, makeup was broadly defined as care not only for external self but also internal self. So, this lead to men and women becoming overly conscious about how they looked , thereby creating a unique culture in cosmetics and accessories. Their diverse cosmetics tradition has a lot to contribute from the past , that they have a museum called “The Coreana Cosmetics Museum” solely dedicated for makeup related items. 

Literature review:
(South Korean men are wearing make-up and it’s serious business by Patrick Hatch published in The Sydney Morning Herald on 16th Jan 2017)
This article talks about why cosmetics are so important to the men of south Korea. Heo Jeong-nam a south Korean native, explains how important it is to him to have a flawless skin and keep it away from damage. He thinks that he can approach a girl only if he is confident and makeup seems to give him that confidence. The article also says that the sales of men’s skin care grew 86% in the last five years. Since it is necessary for the south Korean men to serve the military at least for 2 years , men are worried about their skin the most during that period. This gave rise to the need for a brand to make its own SPF 50 military camouflage which is more gentler on the skin. South Korea is said to have the highest capita rate of cosmetics surgery in the world and is a lucrative market for cosmetics companies.
(Are you pretty enough to live in South Korea? By Melissa Douglas posted in the blog website HuffPost on the 31st of Oct 2016)
The blog writer in her blog talks about her experience of teaching the students of south Korea and their behaviour towards makeup. She being a person brought up in the west finds it astonishing how outer beauty is so important to them over the beauty of inner self. Often times when she tried talking to the students about the same she was looked at as if she was out of her mind. Also plastic surgery to fix parts of their faces seems to be the trend right now in south Korea. It is so much a part of their trend that Korea is called the plastic surgery capital of the world and going out to get a plastic surgery is so common and so simple as it is to go out to grab a coffee from Starbucks. Surprisingly plastic surgeries seem to be the driving force among school going women as they are the presents for graduating. Beauty as important a status symbol as wealth. Moreover all of this is just to hide their true ethnicity and to have westernised looks. The blog writer concludes sadly stating that inner beauty is the only thing that does not translate. 

(Why South Korea’s men are buying tons of cosmetics ? By Kathy Novak posted in CNN Money on the 4th of Oct 2015 )
In this article the author talks about how the men in South Korea are upgrading from just buying aftershaves and lotions. Unlike the men of the world Korean men have been buying a lot of cosmetics to improve their skin and maintain it’s flawlessness and smooth texture because in South Korea appearance is everything. It is so important that they have a proverb that says ” If you buy something, you must choose the one which has a good appearance.” Generally people when hiring look which university have graduated from and qualifications etc. whereas there is one thing that can set you apart from the others in South Korea that is appearance. An analyst at Euromonitor, said that the local companies of South Korea are competing fiercely for male customers. Amorepacific a popular for the special military line for men , said that men develop interest in cosmetics during their military service period due to frequent outdoor activities that requires sun protection and skin care. 

(For many South Koreans, beauty standards represent a cultural struggle by Carol Eugene Park on the 5th of March 2017 )