Reflective into the experience. The concept of reflection was


practice can be defined as a way of thinking about an event that allows us to
think about what was positive or difficult and how it can be developed in the
future. (RCN). It is vital that practitioners use theory and evidence-based practice
in reflective written work. Expectations on their knowledge and ability are extremely
scrutinized. By recognising their strengths, issue that can be further improved
and continuously thinking about the effects of their expertise provided what knowledge
they know about theory, practice and method in their field can be a method by
which a practitioner grows adapts and changes. This essay will first examine
the theories and model of reflection, and then moves on to comparing and
contrasting models using two other theorists and lastly, reflecting upon an
incident which occurred whilst working.

and model of reflection

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John Dewey
(1933) defined reflection as a process of recalling an event which is initiated
by an experience of a person who was involved in someone’s life. Reflection is one
of the most important key to an effective learning in everyday life. In nursing
reflection is a mindful activity in which we thrive to learn through analytical
thinking by putting ourselves into the experience. The concept of reflection
was introduced in the 1980’s by educational theorist Dewey (1983), who
suggested that ‘we learn by doing and realising what came of what we did’
(Jasper 2003, p.2). Reflective practice is being able to reflect from a certain
event, understanding what has happened and developing ideas that enables a
person to take action (Jasper 2003). It is a cycle of moving forward by continuously
reflecting on experiences, building knowledge and understanding it each time a
similar experience occurs (Kolbs 1984). Reflection happens in everyday life for
instance, a university student preparing for an exam and does not manage time
very well, resulted in failing the examination. When the student reflects, they
will learn that they should manage their time efficiently. This is an indication
of reflection because the student learned from their experience and applied necessary
adjustment to avoid the same outcome in the future. Since the 1980’s the
development of reflective skills has been widely adopted especially in best
practice in professional practice. Dewey’s reflection insight has raised areas
for many authors to develop on in terms of recognising reflective practice. Different
explanation of reflection and reflective practice, however there are only well
known basic forms of reflection which can be applied in health care.