Reflective 2 which we addressed were displaying an awareness

Reflective statement- Language, Gender and StereotypesPart 2: Language and Mass Communication For our unit on Language, Gender and Stereotypes, we explored how racial stereotypes are constructed in the media. The topic which we explored was the representation of women in Chanel No 19 and Coco Mademoiselle advertisements over two different time periods. We examined six advertisements, three of which were from a Chanel No 19 campaign in the early 1980s and other three which were from a Coco Mademoiselle campaign in the early 2000s. The learning outcomes for Part 2 which we addressed were displaying an awareness of the ideological influence of the media, as well as how mass media uses language and images to persuade audiences. We delivered an oral presentation which was formal and highlighted the changes in gender representation in advertisements from the same company over two distinct time periods.In this FOA, my purpose was to examine how images and language were used in Coco Mademoiselle perfume advertisements to emphasize gender and racial stereotypes. I looked at the visual and textual modes of three Coco Mademoiselle perfume advertisements, which featured Keira Knightley and persuaded younger women to buy their product. I wanted my audience to understand that even though Chanel No 19 and Coco Mademoiselle advertisements were from the same company their ideological meanings were different. The Chanel No 19 ads empowered women by representing them as strong and independent whereas the Coco Mademoiselle ads sexualized women by representing them as submissive and powerless.I think that an aspect which I did well on, was my knowledge and understanding of all six advertisements. This is because I did an extensive research on the company Chanel and I used plenty of appropriate vocabulary such as “ritualization of subordination”, “feminine touch”, “mise en scene”, “unaware of surroundings”,”direct gaze” and “infantilization”. The use of academic vocabulary which I enhanced in my FOA proved that I was well aware of the topic. Additionally, I think that I had an excellent organisation due to the fact that my partner and I put a lot of thought into structuring our FOA appropriately and in the correct order. With this being said, the way in which we organized our presentation was me doing the introduction as well as the textual and visual modes of the Coco Mademoiselle ads, whereas my partner did the visual and textual modes of the Chanel No 19 ads as well as the conclusion.Something which I can do differently next time is to project my voice louder and to be careful with the mispronunciation of important words such as “mise en scene”. Additionally, next time It would be better if I read less from my note cards as this would allow me to have a better eye contact with the audience. Moreover, next time I would change the way in which I write my note cards by putting less details into them and not filling both the front and back pages.