Recommendations beneficial on this program. · The Food Stamp

for Barangay Culiat

            The following programs are the
recommendations of the researchers to the Barangay Culiat to help them in
reducing malnutrition as well as to reach the objectives of the researcher
which is to contribute a possible solution in continuously reducing

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de Renforcement de la Nutrition – Nutrition
Enhancement Program (PRN)

program is conducted at Senegal in improving the health of the children. It is
based on the random community intervention. This program had its three pillars.
First is the traditional supplementation of nutrition which combines with the
growth of the children and avoiding and controlling different kind of diseases.
Second, it is based on multisectoral intervention, which implements the
components of the programs, Third, to achieve the goal which is sustainability
of the program. (Alderman, Hoddinott, and Kinsey 2006; Victora et al., 2008)

This program should be recommended to the
Barangay Culiat because all the mother of the said barangay is benefited on
this program. It focuses on the medical inputs of the mother and discusses
medical child care that’s why the residents of the barangay would be beneficial
on this program.

The Food Stamp Program

program who addressed the family with poor people, elderly people and person
with disabilities. This program increases the amount of the family who had
their low income and need more assistance in their household needs specially
foods needed by the family. The program is effective because of it’s strategy
in providing a debit card which can be used by the beneficiary in purchasing
food needed. (Rosenbaum and Neuberger 2005)

The researcher recommends this program to
barangay Culiat because the residents of the barangay are needed assistance in
their household needs specially to those people who are suffering poverty in
the barangay.

The WIC and School Meals Programs

program reduces the health care cost and birth outcome, with the help of the
said program it will improve the birth outcomes of the mother and lead to
health care of the child. Through this the child will not be prone of any
disease specially malnutrition. Just because of WIC and School Meals programs
the children are having the key of nutrients and consist of other significant
result on their body.

            The program is most likely the Feeding
program of barangay Culiat but this program are increases intakes of vitamins B6,
folate, and iron and may decrease consumption of added sugar unlike the feeding
program of Brgy. Culiat. This is also focused to the mother in giving birth of
their child which they provide the needed nutrients of the mother not just the