Recently, status or right of a woman in the

Recently, the issues regarding the gender equality between women
and men have become rampant especially concerning on the issues of right and
societal standing in the community. Most of the countries in the world
recognize that equal rights should exist between men and women in all sectors
without any discrimination. On the recognition all over the world, the rights
of women are yet to be deprived and much preserved as compared to the social
status of a woman during the pre-civilized period. Years back then, people are
accustomed to deprive women’s rights in total and disregarded their status. Women
are deemed to have always be treated or considered as a weak person. This
presumption is due to their nature of physical ability and emotional quotient
and endurance. As to some beliefs during the prehistoric times, this species
bring much burden and bad luck. This is because, the custom of the people are
to uphold war and gain power among the tribe. If women are in numbers, then it
disadvantages the status of a tribe as it weaken the force of a tribe or community.
This is in contrast to the status of a man. The birth of an infant boy become a
pride to a tribe or community. The boy will be treated well until they become
the “honor bearer” of the family by participating in the war line. For now, we
could see the adverse position with regards to the status or right of a woman
in the current norm of the society in a civilized and developed world trending.

Practically, in the modern world, despite the phase of “right of
woman to be stepped over” has ended long time ago, but in the current norm of
the society, we still could see the scenario in the work field in where women
are slightly deprived of their admission into the job vacancy. They tend to
have less opportunity in economic development compared to men. In fact, women have
lower participation in the labor force, political, and others. Is this a
correct way to having said that the equalities in gender in a modernized world
are having its check and balance on the preservation of such rights to women.
Definitely, the custom of the pre historical minded have not been tarnished in
thorough. The terminology of “slightly deprived” may be interpreted
occasionally to happen as some of the society are still having narrow thoughts
to their perception of judging based on gender’s physical ability. They are
still subject to physical ability and other factors that might not be in favor
to a woman in giving consideration to the placement in the occupational
vacancy. This is seriously should not be
encountered in the modern world society as women’s capability and ability
nowadays are at par in terms of physical, emotional and societal outstanding.
This can be tested at our university per se. For instances, the woman’s
capability and ability in the societal standing can be seen through several
scenarios in the class. In the class attendance, female students outstands male
student by conquering the front line during the lecture. In a lecture-material
presentation, the courage of female students to conquer the whole class’
attention should be given an appraisal. Back then, women are known of their
demeanors of timid and unattainable. The current phenomenon has changed women’s
standing in the society. To conclude on this point, the stratum between men and
women are similar in their education, social status and others. 

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 In terms of rights to
involve in political delegation, back then, in the pre-civilized period, for
example in pre-Revolutionary France, we could see women had no political right.
They could not vote or hold any political office. The priority in the political
placement was given to men. In other words, there was a total discrimination in
political office towards women back in time. 
During that era, women are deprived of their rights. They were not given
a stand of chance nor freedom to voice out their opinions or ideas. If they
were to be given such opportunity, it was limited and likely to cease on it.
For instance, if they were to participate in the political field, they may do
so, but the chances to have a name in the organization was very low or the
chance was to be ceased as men comes into priority. Instead of that, they were also
subjected to become a slave to the capitalist. Differently as compared to the
former frame work of political standing, the number of woman in politics are
increased from none to same number as man. For instance, as reported recently
in the networking, women in Canadian government was firstly reported to have gender-balanced
with 15 men and 15 women in the cabinet of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. In
the United State for instance, women hold 83 seats out of 435 seats in the
House of Representatives. Though the number shows minority involvement,
however, the percentage of its involvement is getting increased form year to
year. Despite some of the statistic showed the involvement of women in
political is yet encouraging, however, it was a great changes in the numbers of
female politician from nearly to none to numerous participation. In Malaysia, some
of the important offices in politics were held by women. For example, the great
name like Ungku Zeti Akhtar binti Ungku Abdul
Aziz, who was the former 7th Governor of Bank Negara Malaysia
who had given so many impacts on the financial developments in Malaysia. Zeti
was also instrumental in the establishment of the International Centre for
Education in Islamic Finance (Inceif), the first global university dedicated to
Islamic finance. In 2012, she was awarded the Islamic Development Bank’s
Islamic Banking and Finance award, and in 2015 she was given a lifetime
achievement award for her work by Dubai’s ruler, Mohammed bin Rashid Al-Maktoum.
From all those facts, it evidencing that women nowadays are essential in the
administration development. In my opinion, the best equality of rights between
two opposite genders are perfectly embedded from Islamic perspectives. In
Islam, women are encouraged to seek knowledge, held political power, involve in
economic sectors and others. This could be seen in the family of the Prophet
Muhammad himself. For instance, Prophet Muhammad’s wife, Siti Khadijah, was a
business woman who involved in economic sector. Despite a truly muslimah, she
was also a successful business woman.   Beside that, Siti Aishah r.a, despite was at
the young age, she has become a well-known on authority in medicine, history and

In my opinion, gender equality
requires equal enjoyment by women and men of socially valued goods,
opportunities, resources and rewards. Therefore, it is good to give an
opportunity for women to show and encourage their ability in any sectors such
as political, job vacant, leadership, and others. Nowadays, men and women are
free to seek the knowledge and education, involved in politics and being a
leader for any institution or organization. In Malaysia for instance, there is
no such thing to restrict education based on gender provided under the Federal
Constitution. Everyone has the freedom to access to educational dissemination
without subject to any conditions. This great opportunity give rise to women a
platform to expand their knowledge and ideas by having such right preserved on
her freedom of right to education. The wisdom behind this is that women stand
to chance the accessibility as to men with regards to anything. If a man could
become a politician, so does a woman. If a man stand the chance to get access
on professional education, so does a woman. With this, women could advance in
the leadership roles. For instance, in the Muslim world, we have prominent like
Benazir Bhutto who was prime minister of Pakistan and Shaykh Hasina who is the
current prime minister of Bangladesh. This shows at parity between man and
woman in term of leadership ruling. Obviously, women today are actively
participative in grassroots organization, economic, political, education and
social services. It is also show that they are affordable to carry out the
responsibility like are men.

Next, with regards to social strata between men and women. In the
pre-Islamic era, there are variety of nations, culture, customs, religion and
countries. During those times, the status of women was unequal compared to men
in social system and personal affairs like marriage, education, inheritance and
others. Women are not given right to earn any property, businesses or have any
legal right. They did not have any specialty and protection to prevent
themselves from any circumstances. Back then, during those “ignorant period”,
they strongly believed in superstitious. The newborn baby girls were often
abandoned and buried alive because they believe that the newborn baby girls
will bring bad omen to the family. Other than that, men are freely to practice
unlimited polygamy. They could attend to any woman as he wished. Women became
the sexual object to satisfy their lust. Even a woman is legally married to a
man, her husband could handed over his wife to another man who asked for the
wife. Women’s pride have no value. Men can also practice mut’ah marriage or
contract marriage with any woman because in the pre-Islamic period, trade or
business become the primary custom to earn for living. They will expand their
business over regions and journey become essential. For that, a man will get
married to any woman he liked for the purpose to accompany them in the course
of the journey. And when he came back, he will divorced the woman as he wished
or sell it to other man. From this, we could see that the social strata during
those ignorant period was having worst respect and honor to the sanctity of a
woman and a legal ties through marriage. However, after the coming of Islam,
women stand in the society of having much respect and honor. Islam put the
value of a woman at a higher level. Until now, we are blessed to have the
sacred revelation that honored the value of a woman.

In the modernized world, the advancement of knowledge and education
have made woman become feminist. The mastery in knowledge of a woman has given
them the opportunity to grow up their maturity in the society which eventually
made them to be at par with men. In realm, becoming a feminist may give pros
and cons to the society. Some of the women are positive feminists when they are
representing their gender to fight for particular rights which were benefitted
by men. However, some of them tend to be negative feminists as they were fight
for extreme or beyond reasonable rights such as fighting for homosexual
marriage and other rights that concern on matter between the same gender which
against the nature of her species. Today, as women were given the freedom to
get higher education without any conditions. The government give higher
priority to support men and women to gain knowledge and encourage their
education into the higher level.  The
opportunity that given by the government for them to seek the knowledge and
education has made them to be more feminist and masculine in spread out their
voice about certain issues. Women should be freedom of choice. If they choose
to be a lawyer or politician, they should be given the same opportunity and
should be given the same salary as a man. But, if they choose to be a
housewife, they should be given the freedom to do so. Women can be masculine
when they have high confident level in giving their ideas or opinion in certain
issues. When speaking about masculine of a woman, it is contended that the
ability of a woman to be as a man in giving or voicing out her standings
pertinent to any matters. Some of them are even much masculine compared to a
man when raising out ideas and opinions. For example, in politic, women are
seem more masculine and confident in order to spread out their voices, ideas
and opinion to fight with other politician especially men. Thus, they should develop
their confident level and improve their knowledge in order to survive and make a
correct choice in their life.

Furthermore, the inequalities that occurs between two genders will decline
the development and prosperity of a nation. By providing equal opportunities,
it will give some chances for women to used their talents and ability in
workforce and make better choices for their life, family and society. One of
the reason that make women have less opportunities in the workforce is the
families itself. The family or parents cannot afford to send their children to
school and seek knowledge will decide to send their male children compared to
female children to school because many parents assume that the female children
potential in study is less compared to male children. This make female children
less schooling and more backward in their study compared to male children. Thus,
it make them less likely to be employed because of their weakness in education.
Moreover, many parents are still tied to the customs or culture in which women
should not involve in workforce and seeking money for the family. For them, the
job for seeking money and to support the family is a men job and women should
stay at home and become fully housewife. These issues have make women loss
their chances to exposed their talent and ability in seeking knowledge and in
work field. The custom and culture that are still practices by certain parent also
has make their abilities to improve their life is limited and they cannot make
any development for themselves also for their families. Therefore, it is
important to preserve such equality as an individual makes a family, and a
family makes a nation.

In addition, women also the key to the
sustainable development and quality of life in the family. In one family,
women play varieties of role like wife, leader, administrator, manager of
family income and last but not the least important the mother. Women is the man
helpmate and partner in family. They are the source of inspiration to man for
high endeavor and worth achievements in life. Moreover, they also create
necessary environment for her male partner to think more about the economic
upliftment of family by giving ideas, motivation and moral support. The has
become the loyal companion to the man in all successes and attainments by
giving love, sympathy, understanding, comfort, recognition, submission and
devotion to her husband.

Moreover, women should not be tied to their traditional role as are
wife or mother only. They also play their role as the key to the sustainable
development and the socio-economic development of the society. The improvement
on modern education and economic has compel the women to leave their sphere of
the family circle and work for the enrichment of their life and society. The rise
of the education enable women to respond to their opportunities, abilities, to
challenge their traditional roles and to change their life circumstances. Education
have become the most important instrument for human resource development
especially for women in order to sustain their development and quality in their
life and society. Thus, they should challenge themselves to involve in any
society events or organization in order to improve their skills and knowledge
in any sectors. Nowadays, majority of women in the world are involve in working
sector and seeking money to help their partner or to gain their personal or
family income. The economic distress has force them to leave their traditional
roles and they need to play a role as men in which to get involve in working
sector and get the salary to improve their personal or family income.

In conclusion, despite civilization gave women rights and freedom
in the societal standing, it is undeniable that there were loopholes in such
preservation. Therefore, the nation should realize on the essence of the
important roles of women to the development of the household, economic,
politics, education and others. Thus, preserve women right of equalities should
be observed and appreciated in thorough so that they can enjoy their rights
likely as mans’ without any discrimination.