REASEARCH men. For example, deodorant was $5.99 for women


which are 105 of 535 seats between the Senate and the House of Representatives.
The good thing is that we can work to improve it in the next year. All the
remaining Senate will be up for election. 

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Are More Likely to Live in Poverty 

Women’s Law Cent said that 12.5% of the women in the United States of America
are living in poverty in 2016, at total of 16.9 million people. One in three
single mothers in the US are living in poverty, and the kids affected to, with
56.2 percent of kids living in poverty. 

Gender Equality Is Getting Worse 

United States of America in 2006 took the third place for economic gender
equality but in 2016 it dropped to the twenty sixth place. A very strange
change in a ten years only. According to the World Economic Forum, women should
be the one that may leave the work not the men. 

Pay More 42% Of The Time 

was a video released by |Glamor last year, “The cost of being a woman” focus on
product that women are paying more for it then men. For example, deodorant was
$5.99 for women and $3.29 for men. In 2016 consumer affairs management decided
that women are paying for their version 42 percent more then men of products
which it now called “pink tax”. It is gets in all the areas in women’s lives.
In 2012 Bic released a line of pen which in pink and purple especially for
women; it is exactly similar of other pens beside the color but its sold with a
double prices then the other pens. Asking Ellen DeGeneres to be their
spokesperson was a mistake that Bic made because she tore them a little in a
fake advertisement, saying that the packaging designed to fit women’s hands. 

10 Million Women a Year Are Victims of Domestic Violence 

in houses is speeded in America, beside it includes men also. But it
concentrates women the most. The scariest thing that three women are being
killed by their friends or husbands. While Obama’s plan doing a huge step to
get rid of violence and trying to help the people who suffers from it. On the
other hand, Tramp has signed an executive order “Enhance Public Safety Interior
Of The United States”. According to Tahira Justice Center this order may not
authorized women from coming further requesting legal safety from fear of

Cost of Being a Woman l Glamour magazine