Reality up separation, practice unity instead. Give up condemnation,

Reality  Each of us creates our own reality from the mind stuff God provides us with. That mind stuff is the whirling thoughts of God, condensed by his intention into the foundation of our being. It is as we come to suspect that God wants us to be happy now, in the midst of this kingdom that he has given us, that we realize the true scripture is written in our hearts, and that Christ is with us now present, not as some faint echo of long-ago miracles, but as the spirit within our breath. When we deny the reality of any outward thing, we do so knowing that outward things are not permanent, and are not the limitation of what we can have or be. We believe that the Truth is within us, and the truth will set us free now, not after we are dead. For truly this world we live in is dead until we worship God in Spirit and in Truth. Brad Jensen 14 When we seek to prove the truth of Christianity, let us know that it is possible only by using it in our own life, not by contesting or arguing with each other. No one can take what really belongs to you, just as no one can give you what you do not already have within you. Thank God for the great wisdom and understanding within yourself, and it will continually increase. Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judea, which symbolizes knowledge of the power of continuous praise. When you look for the good in any situation, you will see God. God cannot lose you, but you may forget your way to God. If you forget your way to God, then the path shown by Jesus is the way to return. Give up judgment, practice mercy instead. Give up separation, practice unity instead. Give up condemnation, practice forgiveness The Miracle That I Offer  15 instead. This is the way through Jesus to God. When you see God operating in your life now, as it is today, then you have found the pearl of great price. You have entered the kingdom of God. If you want to love God, then love his creation. If you want to serve God, then serve his creation. To pray is to praise. Praise God without ceasing. “I have taught you what I know, so you are no longer my servants but my equals”. “I’m leaving now and returning home, so that you can do greater things than I have done”. “Those who see God as I see God, in the men and women around them, and love God as I love God, by serving those around them Brad Jensen 16 with love, these are my disciples. These are my mother and my brethren”. “You are all gods”. These are the words of Jesus, who became the anointed of God. You would do well to prefer them to the words of anyone who tries to interpret Christ to you, whether ancient or modern. Works do not prove your faith. Such works are the vanity of one person striving with another. But faith seeks works in which to expand itself and express itself. Praise love and wisdom wherever you find it, and you will find love and wisdom everywhere. God is not mocked. Those who try to kill your understanding with the sword of their words, have no certainty in themselves because they do to themselves what they The Miracle That I Offer  17 are trying to do to you. They separate themselves from the presence of truth. The obvious falseness of their words gathers the error that is still in your own thought, together where you can see it. Now you can more easily discover the truth within yourself. So rejoice in the coming of those who would lead you back into bondage, and celebrate the freedom in you that frightens them so. Heaven is a place that you are living in now. Open your ears so you can hear it, open your eyes so you can see it. Rejoice that the kingdom of heaven is in your hands now