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Read the article and know the importance of police jobs and the role of police officer in the country.Police Department Jobs is one of the most powerful jobs in the country like India. In a huge population country like India, police jobs have invited a lot of attention from the youth. The main responsibility of a Police Officer is to protect the rights and life of common people and maintaining the law and order in the country. Police jobs are not only having importance but also has a lot of responsibility that they take care for the nation.In a country like India, where we stand second in the population list among other countries in the world the service made by the Police forces are just incredible and indispensable. We can’t even live for one day without the help from a police office.The service of police in India is divided in to twoIndian Police Service known as IPSState Police Service known as SPS.There are many branches in police department which will look after various areas to keep the country safe. The main aim of different branches in police is to maintain law and order in the country. Many people have a dream of becoming a police officer and do service for the nation or state. Now a day’s youth are mainly focusing on Police jobs rather than government jobs. In the present day, the role of a police officer is very crucial, where he must maintain peace, maintain law and various other factors. Working has a police officer earns you a lot of respect and you can have a level prestige in the society. The police forces maintain equality irrespective the change in the government.There are many risk factors this police sector compared to other government sectors. But today youth are coming forward to join in Police department and do service for the country. The selection process of the candidates for Indian police service is taken care by Union public service commission, while the selection for the State police services (SPS) is taken care by Public service commission.We have given the important factors that make the Department of Police and their jobs importance for our country.Power to ControlIf you join as a police officer you will have the power to control the people and society and thereby to maintain law and order situation in the country. By controlling and maintaining a law will gives police Officer a special respect from others in the society.Pay & PerksWorking as a police officer you will get a good pay. If there is an increase in your position, then the pay will also be huge. The salary will be less somewhat compared to other government jobs, but it will increase further depending upon your position. Apart from pay, you will get a good accommodation in police quarters and can enjoy other special benefits.Promotion OpportunitiesIn other government sector, the chance of you getting promotion will be low. But in police sector the chances of get promoted to higher position is very high. The promotion of a person depends upon the hard work he is doing.We know that police jobs play a vital role in maintaining peace in the state and country. After the defense jobs in India, police jobs play a huge role in protecting and safeguarding the people. It will be a good opportunity and a huge service by choosing the police service as your career.After reading this article I hope you have conclude why police jobs are important and how to get a police job as soon as possible.”Patriotism is supporting your country all the time, and your government when they need you” — Mark Twain