Question: wants to save the money for university whereas

Question: Joni and Ben joined forces to start
a business … … … … … … … … … … … … … Ben still wants to be an active partner in
the business.

positions of each side of people in the conflict.

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Answer: Joni feels Ben is not giving proper time to their job whereas Ben
feels he is doing                                                                    
his best to keep up with Joni.                                                                                                      

are Joni and Ben’s true needs and desires? What is the layer under the conflict?

Answer: Joni wants to save the money for university whereas Ben partnered
with Joni to start this as a side business. Joni wants to increase the output
but she thinks Ben is not giving the proper time needed increase the
production. So, all the conflict has risen here due to the lack of mutual

the possible solutions to their conflict.


 First solution: They can divide the income according to their individual production

Second solution: They can hire an extra worker to lessen their work load.

Third solution: Sit and talk with each other and build up a good understanding
among themselves if they want to make the business effective.

how each solution will affect each side and figure out possible compromises.


Dividing the Income:

If they both divide their profits
according to the amount of individual work done or output. So, if one of them
does lesser amount of work, one will have to understand that one’s share in the
profit would also be lesser and vice versa.

Hire another worker/partner:

If they hire another worker to
lessen the load of their work, they will have to pay one from the profit gained
so they will get lesser income than they would have got if only they two were
working together.

Communicate with one another:

The most suitable solution to Ben
and Joni’s conflict would be that they sit down and talk with one another about
the needs and requirements of their business and also the amount of time each
partner has to give to this business. In this way they would reach a
comprehensive solution which they both will agree upon and it will also help in
growing their business.