Question the job outlook will be positive, but if

Question Three:Professional  And Academic ChallengesJob OutlookIn my field of  studies there are several influence and factors from the economy to take into consideration when it come to the job outlook of the social work profession. Since most social work careers are government based  are affected by the fluctuation of the economy. If the economy is thriving then the job outlook will be positive, but if the economy is at a downturn then there will be a negative impact on the job outlook.        Academic Distractions While attending college most students as well as myself face academic challenges such as day to day expenses. Not being able to pay for  all your material for your classes or  bills at home  could affect our academic performance. A few other challenges that I’m concerned with facing while attending college is being able to manage home life and school,  Will I be able to handle the amount of stress with everyday life and going back to school at the age of 31?                  Profession UncertaintySome of my professional challenges that i’m concerned with facing are will I go immediately into my career field and if I do will I like it?  Also, Will I be properly prepared for what I am getting myself into. High School Prepared MeHigh school prepared me personally  for college by teaching me maturity, independence and responsibility. High school also taught me some skills I would need to be a successful college student as well as any other future profession of interest.   Overcoming obstacles On my journey to success I understand that I will be faced with many obstacles. In order for me to overcome these obstacles is going to require a lot of self discipline with my time and money. Not being too proud to  Seek out help when needed and being open minded to others logics. Most of all understanding that its ok to make mistakes.