question. Gondar.) Ms. Llosa follows the same routine Ms.

question. The twist comes in with the class activities. He often has mini competitions amongst the students to test each other on the chapter (he teaches AP Biology, ” this is a way the students are able to remember material for the AP exam.”.) Apart from that he does labs every two weeks that involve the given chapter and are given different homework assignments every week, to keep the material fresh. He is not considered to be in the “Involvers” because he does not often interact with the students and is a very strict and not a very lenient teacher. Although he switches up the material, that is all he does he does not involve himself with the students enough to be labeled as an ” Involver.” The Involvers to me is my favorite category of the three, because as stated in the name, the teachers involve themselves and other students in the material by keeping the students engage and building on a positive student-teacher relationship. The teachers that fall under this category are as followed: Ms. Gondar, Ms. Llosa, Ms. Ochoa, Mr. Mayrovitz, Mr. J Garcia, and Mr. Dinicola. One thing all of these teachers had in common was that they enjoyed their job and genuinely loved and cared for their students. Ms. Gondar sets up her classrooms in rows and students are put in pairs, one student who is struggling with the lesson, and the other who understands it quite well. In doing so this allows students to build friendships, and help one another in a language the two can relate to. Ms. Gondar also rewards her students every quarter with their increase in progress by giving away lunch passes or homework passes, apart from that she provides after school tutoring for her students ( I love my job, and enjoy seeing my students grow and prosper in the course and enjoy seeing them satisfied with their own progress.- Gondar.) Ms. Llosa follows the same routine Ms. Gondar uses as the two believe building a positive relationship ensures a greater performance level amongst students. Ms. Ochoa allows students to have in class discussions amongst the topic and she involves the students in the