Protagonist: understand the storyline unless they’ve read the first

Protagonist: ThomasCharacters: Thomas, Teresa, Minho, Winston, Frypan, and NewtThemes: how does the audience feel? The audience doesn’t understand the storyline unless they’ve read the first book of the series, which explains most of the things that happened in this book from the first chapter through chapter 20The Scorch Trials is a sequel to “The maze runner” where the main character is introduced and has to resolve a problem, which in this case is getting out of a maze filled with deadly giant spiders. As they find a way out of the maze, they are introduced with even more problems that they have to overcome. The protagonist with his team, find themselves in a “JAIL” where they aren’t allowed to go outside rather, have to stay in a post-apocalyptic world where only a few “Normal” humans live. At first, the jail (WCKD) was promoted to be safe from other “beings” that wander around the outside world but in reality, they choose specific people to take a “test” (as they call it) and to help them find a cure for the disease so that people could live again. What their real intention is, is to “test” the physical capabilities of a human and depending on the result, strong ones survive and weak ones are executed or used as lab-rats. Thomas and his fellow teammates finally have escaped this prison-like organization and now find themselves in a scorch, a desolate landscape filled with dangerous obstacles and a deadly virus that wiped out more than 80% of the human population. Their goal is to find the “Right Hand”, a group of resistance fighters that can help Thomas defeat the organization. 6 months after the events of the maze runner, Thomas and the rest thought that they finally found a safe place to be in. They are tested by W.C.K.D (world catastrophe kill zone department) where every night, other humans that also got through an obstacle like Thomas with the maze, are brought to a lab and are crucified. Thomas with his crew hear about this, they try to escape but end up in a terrain known as the “scorch”, which is a desert-like landscape, and now they must overcome its obstacles and escape W.C.K.D similar to what happened in Maze Runner. The scorch trials are set sometime in the future as they live in a post-apocalyptic world where almost all humans have vanished due to an unknown disease. The protagonist of the story always finds a way to resolve problems and it really helps the story to move on smoothly without damaging any of the storylines that may cause confusion and in some circumstances even dislike a specific part of the book.The scorch trials start to get interesting when the protagonist starts planning out an escape route out of the “prison”.Teresa was taken to an “examination” that had to do with the survival of the humans, but Thomas already knew that there was something wrong so he started protesting and tried to get Teresa back but was soon stopped by a guard and thrown back to his cell with his crew. Thomas and his crew planned an escape out of the W.C.K.D that involved a hostage situation to get back Teresa. . “Maybe this was worse. When they’d settled into bed last night, everything had seemed good and safe. Yeah, maybe this was worse, to have that suddenly taken away.” (Chapter 3, p. 10)They escaped by a vent under one of the beds and stayed as quiet as possible as they saw guards constantly passing by. Thomas was shocked as he saw Teresa lying down on a bed that had monitors around it and some support items. Thomas couldn’t help but to watch them pass by under him as they walked towards a strange room that required a card to get in. At this point, Thomas knew exactly what to do and he didn’t care what he would do as long as he would get Teresa back. He didn’t hesitate, he went down and walked down a hallway until they saw a guard coming towards them. They panicked, as they knew the guard had a gun, which had lethal capabilities. Thomas didn’t know what to do but to fight so he waited until the guard would come from the corner so that he could surprise attack the guard. The guard finally showed up and Thomas took him down in an instance. Thomas didn’t hesitate and took the gun from the guard knowing the consequences of escaping and also escaping with a gun. As they walked towards the room she was in, they wore stopped multiple times by the guards and they had to “stop” them before they would send an alarm, but unfortunately, luck was not on their side. Stress was only a temporary side effect that was pressured on the crew. They finally got found the door that Teresa was held in. They were surprised by how brave a doctor was, as they stared at her while she walked calmly out of the room with guns pointed at her. Multiple guards that had lethal weapons suddenly surrounded her. Thomas quickly grabbed the doctor and held her hostage while his friends fought against W.C.K.D. The guards then quickly stopped the assault and just stared at them as they walked in the room. Thomas with his crew couldn’t stand to see what they did to Teresa, lock her up and use her as a human experiment. They were so shocked that they didn’t even realize that there was glass around her cell. They wore running out of time, so they quickly broke the glass with the gun they got earlier and it worked but, as soon as the glass was broken, the alarm for all the guards was sent. Thomas than quickly thought of a way out and as he reached towards Teresa’s hand, he already had a way to get out of the situation they wore in. They ran towards a giant door that they locked so that it would be harder for the guards to follow them. They ran towards a parking lot as they wore chased by guards. They finally managed to get out of the W.C.K.D building but only to find themselves in a deserted landscape “scorch” where the “zombie” like creatures would wander around. This was their second trial.The characters are now struggling to survive in conditions unimaginable to humans and as the story continues, some unfortunate events can be found and now they have to survive in a world where most ordinary humans have turned into blood-sucking zombies that carry the disease with them. The challenges they face are more than enough for the society to do something about it but trials and succeeding in them are more than enough for them to understand that the modern society isn’t fair. They walked in a deserted landscape while the sun was burning their skin to the deepest core. They found a fallen building and went to check what’s inside them, only did they know, the zombies wore closer than they anticipated. They went inside the fallen building and decided to take a little break from the entire running. Some didn’t sleep rather they couldn’t sleep caused by the thought of what could be inside the building with them. As they started to settle down, the worst imaginable thing that could happen came to reality, guards from W.C.K.D looking for them. They hid as far as possible and only to find themselves in a ruined building that had a strange field of sense around it. They knew something was going on until they Chapters 40-65 Quickly after they “killed” the zombie, they ran upstairs as fast as possible to hide from other living beings that might be in the same building. Brenda leads Thomas to a series of tunnels called “the underneath”. Before they go, Thomas and Brenda start talking, Brenda gets Thomas to promise her that he’ll take her to the safe “haven” so that she can get the cure. Brenda was also making moves on Thomas the whole time, but he resists because he can’t stop thinking about Teresa. Brenda’s excuse was that where she came from, people are just moving forward. Brenda also surmises that one of the crewmembers and his friends were the ones who triggered the explosion, thinking they could just kill everyone. Meanwhile, Brenda’s trying to hold Thomas’s hand but couldn’t stop watching him as he rejected her and she knew that Thomas was thinking about how strange she. But Brenda and Thomas make their way to the Underground, the tunnel system that connects the buildings in the city. They wore soon cheeped out by a shadow in the darkness that made them scared, but Thomas still couldn’t think of Teresa. They didn’t really know where they wore going; they tool a lot of rights and lefts leading to nowhere until they saw one of the crewmembers. Brenda knew exactly where they wore and took Thomas to a hiding place of hers as she uses to go the to hide from danger. Brenda and Thomas soon find themselves in danger and as they try to escape, Thomas gets hurt and couldn’t help but to pass out. He wakes up passes out again. He wakes up again but this time with people holding him from his arms and legs then he passes out. The third time Thomas wakes up, he sees Brenda holding his hand and as he closes his eyes, he hears the word, infection, and then passes out. This time, when Thomas wakes up again, he stays awake. Everyone is scrambling around looking at the sky while Thomas wonders what happened and then he hears the word, Berg. The sky was stormy, so Thomas was really confused as to why people wore looking at it. Then Brenda tells Thomas she’s sorry for something. After that Thomas sees two people coming towards him. They had a gas mask on, and they grabbed Thomas. As he’s taken away, he can see the word WICKED on the chest of one of the people taking him. Soon after the procedure that the doctors did to Thomas, He wakes up and hears Teresa warning about the future events. Next newt and Thomas discuss what WICKED is and what their plan is and even though Thomas was saved by them, he still thinks that it’s an evil organization. The thing Teresa was warning about the Great War that was happening and the deaths during it. The Battle for survival.Thomas joined a group alliance that was the antagonist who had planned everything until now. She was the one who “made” Thomas and everybody who they wore. She chose whether they would die or live, she was a “god”. Thomas couldn’t wait for the ship to come down, so he orders them to start the battle early. They went head to head in a battle that was one-sided. The protagonist and his team wore down a lot and they didn’t have time to recover their injuries so they kept pushing and fighting until. The antagonist’s ship finally arrived only for Thomas to see who she was. He was confused as he saw the face slowly revealing as the door opened. He knew. He had failed. All he had done thus far was just the plan he was following. It was like a book where the writer chooses the path each individual goes. Thomas knew exactly what to do, he tackles one of the enemies and stole the gun from him and started pointing it towards the woman. He was about to pull but he couldn’t because he couldn’t kill another human being, but the antagonist took this as an opportunity to attack back and so she ordered two of her men to capture two of Thomas’s crew members. The man told Thomas to choose the person who he wanted to save, Jorge or Brenda, were the one he doesn’t choose dies. Thomas was bad at these types of things where he had to choose who survives and who dies.   Last Scene:The protagonist has gone against the antagonist waiting for him to do a move, only to find himself in a situation where most people would die to get out of. As Thomas thought in his head that he should choose to live, he saw a massive plane that came down slowly. He thought it was some kind of distraction from the battle but then as the ship was coming down and the doors started to open, he saw a familiar face. Thomas couldn’t understand what he was seeing. He thought… He thought that she was dead, the woman behind it all wasn’t the one he fought against, it was the woman, who started to disease. The one who was in charge of the whole protocol? She was the real antagonist and the real target of Thomas. Quickly after Thomas saw her face, everything went blank and darkness started rising from the corner of Thomas’s eyes. He hadn’t realized that he was too slow. He passed out without getting revenge on his dead friends. He felt sorrow and guilty for this one simple fact. He had lost the battle…  Theme: The audience might be confused as to what happened in the end but the answer can be found in the 3rd book that will also go deeper down on to what happens to the world and how did the disease start. The audience could possibly experience some sort of guiltiness towards Thomas as he didn’t fulfill his desires and he was so obsessed to find out where Teresa was.