Prolong impacts their childhood and adulthood too, it creates

Prolong substance abuse
does not only effect the individual’s  physical health, mental health and spirit but
it also has an adverse effects on the immediate family of the addict. It effect
very single member of the immediate family, and has a great influence on the
family’s physical, health, finances and psychological wellbeing. Recently the
society has moved away from traditional nuclear family to many variations like single-
parent home, blended family and a home headed by grandparents. The situation of
each addict is different which makes every family situation unique, each family
member plays a role to help maintain balance and stability in family; and their
roles shift naturally to adjust to the behavior associated with alcohol or drug
use. (Blechman, 1982). The children are affected mostly and it impacts their childhood
and adulthood too, it creates loneliness, helplessness, poor self-image, anxiety
, guilt, chronic depression and the fear of abandonment in them. In case of a maternal
substance abuse during pregnancy, it leads to developmental and behavioral
disorders in children and increases the chance of premature birth, birth
defects, still birth, underweight birth and most devastating is a baby with withdrawal
symptoms (Bánhidy, Lowry
& Czeizel, 2005).

Similarly in Seychelles substance abuse is high and is affecting
many individuals and their families. Alcohol consumption in Seychelles is
increasing annually where a large amount of household budget is spent on alcohol;
leading to increase in alcohol related hospital and psychiatric ward admission (Perdrix
et al,. 1999). Drinking by men is not just a recent problem but there are many
underlying factors too; firstly alcohol and home-brews (baka and kalou) is
easily and widely available throughout the country at any time of the year,
secondly drinking has become a very important aspect of the culture as it is
integrated a part of men recreational activities, thirdly drinking is also a
result of peer pressure, where young boys are introduced to drinking at home
and gradually the habit ingrains in the company of peers (Benedict
and Benedict, 1982).
 Other factors like social and monetary
demands from wives, children, mistresses, parents and friends results in pressuring
the men and they find themselves caught in a system of demands and expectations
which is out of their control and results in them responding by drinking (Benedict
and Benedict, 1982). Alcoholism is Seychelles is leading to neglecting social responsibilities,
domestic violence, unsafe sex, unplanned pregnancies and transmitting STDs and
other diseases like Hepatitis C. Another interesting fact is that there is a
high tolerance of male drinking heavily over female drinkers as female who drink
heavily as considered as a social failure (Perdrix et al., 1999).

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