Programming lines of data after being prompted. Instead of

errors can happen to anyone. Amongst the countless errors a programmer can
encounter there a few that are deemed common. The easiest error to make, is to
either use a variable that is undeclared or to have too many variables defined
that end up not being used at all in the program. Sometimes the undeclared
variable dilemma is really just a spelling or capitalization error, so it is
very important to always double check when declaring and using variables
throughout a program.

common error is integer overflow. Integer overflow occurs when a number is too
large to be contained within the selected variable type. All numeric data type variables
have a limit to the length a number can be and each variable is designed to
accommodate data within a certain range. The most commonly used number variable
types are integer and double. Typically Java will not alert a programmer to an
overflow problem, so it is best to use the appropriate variable every time a
numeric data type is selected.

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errors and mistakes within mathematical operations are also common mistakes for
programmers. Round-off errors can occur when using an approximation data type,
like integer, instead of a more specific mathematical data type for a number in
which significant figures are needed like float or double. It is also important
to declare what type of mathematical variable will be needed for a problem
correctly. If an answer requires a decimal or something other than a whole
number answer that has been truncated, integer is not the best variable type
for the situation. When dealing with numbers it is always important to
determine the best numeric data type for the problem at hand.

biggest mistake new programmers make when coding, is multiple instances of
input within a block of code. For instance, say that a user needs to enter a
few lines of data after being prompted. Instead of initializing the Scanner
just once and having multiple lines of print to obtain data from a user, there
will be multiple instances of the Scanner class called as well as multiple
lines of print to obtain data from a user. This is redundant, the Scanner only
needs to be initialized once and then multiple lines of data can be obtained
from the users.

there are a lot of common errors and pitfalls that a new programmer can make,
however it is ok to make mistakes. It is expected that when starting out to
make mistakes. Mistakes help programmers grow, it shows where improvements can
be made.