Profits be affected, due to laxity in ensuring companies

Profits and Food Safety by BMI

Effects of the Scenario on the Stakeholders

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stakeholders are involved in this case by virtual of their position in the
company and the food industry at large. Best Meat International affects the
lives of very many people due to the expansion of the company worldwide. For
purposes of this case study, the stakeholders identified include; customers,
firms employees, and officials in the quality assurance departments in the
affected countries respectively. The employees of the company will be affected
adversely due to the destruction of the organization’s reputation. The
customers who buy meat products from the BMI will also be affected by the
actions of the company. Consumption of expired meat products is not good for
people’s health. Some people may become sick or die due to food poisoning. The
quality assurance officials in the affected countries will also be affected,
due to laxity in ensuring companies maintain quality.

Ethical Issues Raised

The actions
of the BMI sister company raise various ethical issues. These companies are
expected to conduct its operations by following the laid down procedures in
order to maintain the standards of the parent company. Among the ethical issues
that come up include health and safety. The company deals with the provision of
consumable goods in and outside the US. As a result, there are health and
safety standards that are required to operate. The health of the customers
should be a critical element in the operations of the business. However, from
the facts of the case, the company was more interested in its revenues and
profits at the expense of quality of products sold. This was in total disregard
of the quality assurance procedures of the company.

the issue of honesty in the operations of the company was identified. Honesty
in this regard means that the organization should not use unlawful means to
achieve its targets. The employees at BMI and its sister firms are not
transparent at all. The manager at the sister company justifies this
unfortunate behavior by considering the position of the company in the market.

He also tries to justify his decision not to investigate the issue by claiming
that competition was serious in the industry. Businesses should not engage in
unethical behaviors in order to maintain a competitive advantage over their

Opportunities, Threats, and Alternatives

opportunities come up due to the unethical behavior of the company. The company
will be in a position to identify the perpetrators of this crime. The company
will be responsible for disciplining them internally to set a good example for
other employees.

the case raises some threats that may affect the operations of the company. The
company will encounter the threat of being investigated by the government in
the developing nations as well as the United States. This might lead to
unwarranted exposure of the company’s operations leading to negative publicity.

alternatives can be used to prevent the occurrence of similar behavior. The
company can create mechanisms usable by the employees or customers to notify
the management about unethical behavior in the firm. Secondly, it is wise for
the company to follow the laid down rules when engaging in business.




the company should shut down operations in the affected country until a
comprehensive report about the incident is released. This will enable BMI to protect its reputation as well as boosting
the confidence of customers. Secondly, I would recommend a total overhaul in
the management of the company. All the affected departments should be evaluated
to identify where the changes should be made.

Employees should also be informed of the
significance of maintaining ethics in their operations.