Procter related products: Eveready batteries, flashlights, insectrepellents etco International:

Procter & Gamble· 4 business areaso Laundry and Cleaning Products: detergents, soaps, fabric softeners,cleaners and cleanserso Personal Care Products: bar soaps, toothpastes, mouthwash,deodorants, shampoos, paper tissue products and disposable diaperso Food Products: shortenings, oils, cake mixes, peanut butter, potatochips and coffeeo Other products· Operations concentrated in Europe, Great Britain, Canada and parts of LatinAmerica, Asia and Africa· Pampers was the single largest P&G brand in paper Products division andenjoyed high profitability· Introduced a large no of varieties in the diaper line and constant changeswere made to suit the market· Diapers were marketed aggressively and sold by 400 person strong salesforceKimberly – Clark· 3 business lineso U.S. consumer and Services Products: Kleenex, bathroom tissue, tablenapkins, kotex sanitary pads, kimbies, Teri towels etco U.S. paper and forest products: communication papers, businesspapers, industrial and specialty products, softwood and hardwoodlumbero Operations outside the United States: overseas production and sale ofthe same consumer products sold in U.S.· Kimbies was the company’s single largest investment program· Achived 85% national distribution in quick time· Manufactured in 5 plants· Sourced fluff pulp and other key diaper components from suppliersJohnson & Johnson· 3 business lineso Health Care: prescription and nonprescription drugs, diagnostic,therapeutic, contraceptive products, surgical dressings etco Industrial and other: industrial tapes, adhesives, textiles, paperproducts and other items sold primarily to the apparel, textile, healthcare, agricultural food etco International: international sales of the products mentioned above· Dominant producer of nonfood baby products· Subsidiary – Chicopee Manufacturing Company – made Chux and Chixdisposable diapers· Chux and Chicx phased out by the introduction of Johnson’s DisposableDiapersUnion Carbide· 6 business lineso Chemical: petrochemicalso Plastics: thermoplastics, vinyl plastics, polystyrene etco Gases and related products: oxygen, nitrogen, argon, acetylene etco Metals and Carbons: ferroalloys, special alloys, uranium ores, industrialcarbon products etco Consumer and related products: Eveready batteries, flashlights, insectrepellents etco International: above products internationally· Disposable diapers – Drydees· Carbide manufactured the individual layers of Diapers on its ownColgate-Palmolive (Kendall)· 5 business lineso Consumer Laundry and Cleaning Products: laundry detergents,dishwashing detergents etco Personal care and Cosmetics: toothpaste, bar soaps, hair products,shaving creams, skin creams etco Other consumer products: plastic bag and food wraps, cloth anddisposable diapers etco Professional Products: surgical dressings and packs, obstetrical padsand underpads etco Industrial and Institutional: woven and non-woven fabrics, specialtycotton, rayon products etc· 2 lines of disposable diapers: Curity and Curity Tape-TabOther Competitors· Scott Paper· Weyerhaeuser