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Prince2 (Project IN Control Environment) largely describes although the project management technique covering the institutions, management and controls out comes. This report mainly describes about to develop and to grow existing or new business with prince2 methodology. It was initially developed in CCTA (Central Laptop & telecommunication agency) and used for UK government normal for IT project management. This is also come out for both private and public sector to use wide in project management.  Whenever we have a tendency to expect of developing any project there will be variety of the elemental queries like what area until we’ve got an inclination to creating trial to do? What amount it will cost? How much long it will take? These areas are well defined in PRINCE2. PRINCE2 is also a method that describes the numerous stages used for dominant and observance the regular progress of the project. PRINCE2 project is driven by business case that describes the organization justification, Commitment and basic reasons for the outcomes to satisfy the changes that occur throughout the life of the business case. Business case is often reviewed in conjunction with the reach the business objectives. Here there unit entirely completely different cluster of people involved in comes like shopper, suppliers and user, such prince2 is developed to provide a typical language for the event of the project management. Here it’s mentioned what is the utilization of exploitation project management methodologies. There unit immeasurable reason behind these, project failures unit common they’re doing have immeasurable reasons like lack of co-ordination, lack of communications, inadequate developing with and poor estimation etc. to beat all this aspects we’ve got an inclination to try to use project management methodologies such it’s going to helpful in providing a clear arrange regarding project roles like responsibility and authority. Prince2 encompasses a series of processes which includes activities needed on a project from beginning to closing down. Here it describes but prince2 plays a really vital role in organising and dominant a project inside that there unit varied roles like project manager, customer, user and supplier, project board, project assurance and project support. except describing the varied roles involved in prince2 project the others most significant technique could be a thanks to manage risk, the way to manage quality, and therefore the thanks to manage change on the project. Therefore risk and quality management unit the two most significant issues that impact the event of the project. This could leads to the changes throughout the project to beat these aspects prince2 has technique of dominant things that have an impression on the project developing. Prince2 could also be a way for managing projects; it helps to support for the event of the project except that prince2 doesn’t supply guarantee for the project unvanquished, for good project to be success on-time and budget it depends on the quality of people involved from project board to individual team members.