Population in a community, as early as possible, to

strategy of prevention targets the whole population and acts on underlying causes
of major health issues. Examples described in the text consisted of the ideas of shifting
society’s norms and the practice of large environmental control methods. Both examples
have the ultimate goal of redirecting population behaviors that could be indirectly
or directly affecting the determinants of incidence.

Three of the four disadvantages mentioned
in the text for the high-risk strategy were difficulties and cost of screening,
palliative and temporary, and limited potential for individuals and
populations. Screening is extremely important when attempting to identify
diseases in a community, as early as possible, to allow earlier intervention
and management. The issue is not all diseases can be screened as early as
needed to be avoided. This results in repeated screening. There is also the
problem with screening detecting larger numbers of those riding the fence of
being at high risk and those that are at a lesser risk of the disease. Another disadvantage
is palliative and temporary-not radical. This means the high-risk strategy
seeks more to identify those who are susceptible to the cause of disease rather
than seeking to modify the primary causes. The high-risk strategy has limited
potential for individuals and populations. Two limitations are lack of capability
to predict future diseases and relative risk statistic’s uncertainty of danger level.

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of the three advantages listed for the population strategy are radical and behaviorally
appropriate. The population strategy attempts to remove the underlying causes
that make the disease common. It also has a large potential for the population
in it entirety. The strategy is also considered to be behaviorally appropriate.
If what is considered to be the right way of healthy living becomes the norm
than this would lessen any chances of the past behaviors causing health issues.
Example used in the text was nonsmoking becoming the norm then it should not be
a need to continue persuading individual due to its health risk factors.