Political problem of the human race, persisting since the

Political science itself should be practised in a perfect
way that society satisfy with it. In my opinion politics is the only way to
avoid any kind of conflict but at the same time the reason of many conflicts
within society. Politics is something that we individually can’t and must not
ignore. Politics can be the only field in which
society can create freedom in the context of
individualism and in the name of the society’s morality.

I was born in a place where one side of my world was
occupied by a religious state and the other side by a political dictatorship.
Being from a place where everyday life is stuck between choosing between the
lesser of two evils is the only way of expressing politics can give the
solution of third domain. I believe that the best that you can do for a society
is to develop that society very politically, to a level where radical democracy
can( function)work for 24 hours. This is
the reason that I have been involved in politics since I was 18. As a human
race we have always had social problems. One of these is gender equality which
is the first and oldest problem of the human race, persisting since the
beginning of any kind of civilization. It is an issue which goes deeper than
feudalism, colonialism, black-white, capitalist-proletariat and climate change.
But still we can see some changes in societies where politics is the machine of
radical democracy and with knowledge of the
society politics functions well.  

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In observing the Arab spring and current problems like the
plight of the Rohingya people , the continuing conflict in Syria, climate
change, nuclear threat, unrest in Iran, Yemen, ISIS threat, Kurdish conflict
etc. we can easily see that we have many social problems to be solved, both
locally and internationally. Doing the right politics at the right place can
give you the chance to solve these problems and I have always wanted to be part
of the solution.

I believe Third World War has been going on since the
 Arab Spring. Because all the powers around the world have never been very
 involved in the context of war since the Second World War. We clearly see
political systems have transferred from Nation-State to Nation-Company; that
would explain why all the powers become involved in local conflicts, otherwise
it could be left as a problem of that specific country. People have never lost
the right to information about government policies in history as we have now in
the modern-technology age. Of course I do never underestimate the will and
desire of people in revolutions but on the contrary we have witnessed many
anti-revolutions. That is the core reason why we have to establish the right
political systems. Liberalism is the future system which western powers have
been trying to establish in Middle east and Western Asia through wars and
conflicts but not with economical aids and social changes. Any ordinary person
can see these conflicts and wars are the blood of our economic system without
which it would not function.

Just 2 days ago a news from DW( Dutch Welle) reported that
70.000 students are in prisons in Turkey. My country is currently undergoing a
process which is comparable to 1935-40s Germany. Every person and social
stratification needs to be politicised in such times. People are turned against
each other as well as against religions and minorities. Violence against women
has increased 1400% times more than ever. Nearly 400 NGOs and human right
activists have been imprisoned in one single year.  These local problems
are all because of wrong political policies. Nothing is more important than
freedom and peace now.

I was a Co-chair of HDP youth party in Turkey when I
attended my first university. Since then, politics has been part of my daily
life and since then have witnessed many negative changes in my country, but at
the same time we have witnessed the faith of people in freedom and peace.
Turkey is a prime example of a country in the grip of patriarchal-dictatorship
and where political science has turned against the society and the freedom of
its citizens.

My dream is to understand political science better and
improve my political knowledge. I do believe I will have that chance if I am
accepted to this University.