Point not who is saying it. In this case,

Point of view is another literary element which is classified by O’Connor in “My Oedipus Complex.” The story is being told by a boy named Larry who is no more than six years old. A narrator who is very young is quite unusual, but the way the author uses this is complex. In most cases as the reader you focus on what is being told, not who is saying it. In this case, you cannot help but really think about the point of view. The perception that is being portrayed is an odd combination considering this topic is an oedipus complex. Especially coming from a boy who certainly does not understand what that means. Larry develops a mixed up interest toward his mother which becomes complicated by his father’s return home from war and the parents’ decision to have another child. From what the reader perceives, Larry is hit with an overwhelming amount of jealousness towards his father. Every detail that is given is directed towards Larry’s emotions. Once the reader sees things from another character’s point of view, the entire story changes. From the mother’s point of view the story is simply about a family being reunited after war and welcoming a new addition to the family. From the father’s point of view, you see the struggle war has brought and what it does to a person. It can be established that point of view greatly influences the story. It also can be said that point of view is a strategy to show a bigger idea of what the author has in mind. This point of view really makes you think. Unlike hundreds of stories, this specifically leads your mind to one thing after the other. The importance of point of view and plot greatly influences how the story is distinct than others. Typical expectations that most assume of children do not revolve around this entangled mindset. Most assume a five year old boy simply thinks about toys, not warm feelings towards their own mother. Although this is definitely a complicated topic, it is the most interesting thing in this short story. Due to this the entire story is set in a different way. Point of view and plot work in harmony to set the ambiance of the entire short story.