Plot out of the room. The Director resigns, and

Plot Summary: Brave New World is a book written in 1931. The story takes place in an inhuman and industrialized London during A.F (After Ford) 632. The book introduces the reader to the current society in the CENTRAL LONDON HATCHERY AND CONDITIONING CENTRE where the director explains to students how humans are fertilized in tubes. Humans are separated into different groups. Alphas at the top of the scale, are tall and smart, then Betas, Gammas, Deltas and Epsilons who are the most inferior. Babies are shocked to develop a hatred for nature and books so that they will conform with society and have an instinct to be normal. Mustapha Mond is introduced as one of the 10 world leaders and performs a lecture on the evils of history. Lenina and Bernard plan a trip to New Mexico, where Bernard attends the Fordson Community Singery. Bernard remembers when the Director told him about his trip to the Savage Reserve, and how the woman accompanying him disappears. Bernard is threatened to be deported to Iceland for his odd behaviour. The Inciting force happens when Lenina and Bernard fly to the Savage Reservation in Santa Fe. A young savage in the reserve tells Bernard that his mother is a foreigner and that his dad, who disappeared was Tomakin. Bernard connects this to the anecdote from the D.H.C. Lenina and Bernard are introduced to Linda, who says she has been abducted by the savages, and that she gave birth to her son John. Bernard and John become friends and both relate on feeling alone in this dystopia. The Director tries to humiliate Bernard, Linda and John are brought in, and everyone becomes silent, since it is disgusting to have babies. The Director rushes out of the room. The Director resigns, and Bernard and John become very popular. John and Lenina go on a date, and John refuses to have intercourse with Lenina, which confuses her. John becomes the main character after they start losing popularity. Lenina tries to engage in intercourse with John, to which he becomes very mad threatens her, making her leave scaredly. John goes to the hospital to see his Soma overdosing mother who is dying. Delta children play around the room and John becomes extremely angry again, he leaves angry. John throws soma out from a kids hand, which cause a riot that lands him, Bernard and Helmholtz in jail. Bernard and Helmholtz are sent to the Falkland Islands by Mond. John leaves to a remote lighthouse, where he punishes himself by whipping himself. The media catches him whipping himself and riot breaks out which turns into a group orgy. John kills himself, concluding the book. Conflict: Human Vs Society: Individuality in Brave New World is nonexistent, which affects characters like John and Bernard. Bernard expresses his emotions to Lenina, and his aspiration for individuality, to which she responds “When the individual feels, the community reels,”(81). The hive mentality of society prohibits individuals from seeking freedom rather than oppressive happiness. John is affected by the sexual that has been introduced into society. He tries to be truly attached to someone, and not just sexually he is met with the mentality of “every one belongs to every one else”(37). Society does not accept individuals like John and their minds are indoctrinated into clones with no deep personal thoughts or preferences.Human Vs Self: Society’s behaviour cause John to blame himself for not being able to be who he wants to be. He sexualizes Lenina and attempts to open her zippicamiknicks “He shut his eyes, he shook his head with the gesture of a dog shaking its ears as it emerges from the water. Detestable thought! He was ashamed of himself.”(126). John is affected has indulged these thoughts from society, and almost gives into the sexual mentality which cause him to hate himself after.Atmosphere: The atmosphere in Brave New World is mechanical and sterile. Everything is “glass and nickel and bleakly shining porcelain of a laboratory.”(1). Everything is monotone and shiny, everything looks futuristic which gives a sense of unnaturalness to the reader.In the savage’s land the atmosphere drastically changes. They arrive at the reserve and “the valley ran a streak of green-the river and its fields.”(92). Green is not mentioned as a color in the atmosphere before they arrive to the reserve, and it gives a sense of nature that the reader hadnt experienced before.Main Character Development: John the savage as a kid was  fascinated by “the Other Place”. Her mother tells him about the other place and in fascination he asks “And you really can go flying, whenever you like?”(110) to which his mother confirms. John is somewhat innocent in the past and has positive views on “the Other Place”.John becomes familiar with “the Other Place” and quickly starts to despise it. Lenina tries to have inercourse with John, as would anyone in the civilized world, to which he responds in fury “Whore!” he shouted “Whore! Impudent strumpet!”(170). John is exhausted of the immorality of everyone, but Lenina is shocked as to why anyone acts in such manner.John is disgusted by his sexuality by the end of the book and so he tortures himself for his actions. John wakes up after the riot that turned into an orgy-porgy and says “Oh, my God, my God!”(228) as he remembers the past evening. John kills himself in disparity for what society has become, and what he has become to them and himself. Themes: Main Theme: The things we love will be used against us: Humans enjoy intercourse, as they are created to keep the species alive, but in Brave New World the world controllers like Mustapha Mond use sex as a tool. Orgy-Porgys and the sexual behaviour that society has been indulged to, to the point where a four month relation is too long because “the D.H.C. objects to anything intense or long-drawn.”(34). The World Controllers keep everyone happy by making the orgy mentality that keep people happy and under control.Soma keeps everyone happy and satisfied, but it is forced down people’s throats. The drug created A.P. 184 was”The perfect drug” and it was “Euphoric, narcotic, pleasantly hallucinant.”(46). Mustapha says that with this drug stabilized the World, as it kept everyone happy and hallucinant and distracted them from all problems.Religion is a mean to be happier, but for the World Controllers its values collided with their sexual and immoral views. Soma, orgy-porgy’s and ensured happiness have “All the advantages of Christianity and alcohol; none of their defects.”(46). Fordship is the new religion without morals as it only worships the advantages that industrialization brought to the World thanks to Henry Ford.Secondary Theme: Happiness does not fit with the truth: Truth is freedom, something that the World controllers do not want. They state that “happiness keeps the wheels steadily turning; truth and beauty can’t”(201). Truth is seen as an unstable menace, a public danger that would destroy the oppressive happiness that they keep people under.John understand the beauty and flaws of truth, and he rejects the World Controllers doctrine. They explain to him why they think happiness is greater than truth and freedom,”But he doesn’t want comfort. He wants God, he wants poetry, he wantsreal danger, he wants freedom, he wants goodness. he wants sin.”(211). The lack of freedom and thought bother individuals like John, who would rather have a dangerous Freedom than a safe EuphoriaSymbolism/Imagery: Henry Ford is a recurring symbol in Brave New World that replaces Jesus Christ and overall religion. The World Controllers have become apostles as everything they say is “Straight from the mouth of Ford himself.”(29). Society has replaced morality and God for Industrialization and Ford.Shakespeare is a symbol of great importance to understand John the Savage, as he is well read in his literature. He is tempted to sexualize Lenina, he recites Romeo and Juliet as follows, “On the white wonder of dear Juliet’s hand, may seize / And steal immortal blessing from her lips, / Who, even in pure and vestal modesty, / Still blush, as thinking their own kisses sin. ” to justify his actions. John doesnt understand the new Society very well so he relies on the books he read as a child, particularly shakespearean plays. ResearchIn 1958 Aldous Huxley argued that Hitler’s regime used radio and Television to impose his wheel on the Germans. They found themselves doing things they did not desired, but were caused to do for untruthful happiness. He predicts that dictators will get rid of all rationality and indulged into authoritarian doctrines since to have control over humans one must make them love the leader or doctrine. Ayn Rand has an interview a year later. She is a fundamental capitalist libertarian, coming from Soviet Russia. She argues that loving everybody is to love nobody, and that men must deserve love, rather than it being expected from everyone like in Brave New World. Unlike in the novel, she argues that humans have free will and should love who they want, instead of loving everyone indiscriminately.Connections1984 and Brave New World are extremely similar, yet opposites. Orwell argues that the things  we despise will destroy us, while Huxley makes the point that the things we love will destroy us. They both have an authoritarian government that hide the truth. In Brave New World the World Controllers make people happy to remain in control, while in 1984 people are brainwashed into conformity. Both of the Leaders in the books get rid of religion and create their own. In 1984 control was achieved by pain, while in Brave New World it is achieved by euphoria. In The Great Gatsby there is no oppressive government, and freedom lets the characters be sad.