Plagiarism her. Even The most famous and historical figures

Plagiarism is when you take someone’s
work and make it your own. Although plagiarizing is not a criminal offense it
is illegal in the United states and can result in serious consequences. Some of
the consequences of being caught plagiarizing ranges from being expelled from college
to being sued by someone for stealing their work. Some examples of Plagiarizing
is when you are paraphrasing incorrectly, not citing the author’s work correctly
or copying everything the author says without quoting him or her. Even The most
famous and historical figures have been accused of plagiarism like Martin
Luther King Jr., President Obama, Nicki Minaj and E.L. James.

There are many forms of plagiarism and
there are also many things that are mistaken for plagiarism too. While under
the right circumstances things such as reusing your own work and summarizing is
not considered plagiarism. But it can be considered as plagiarism if you do not
properly cite your own work or if you blatantly reuse a previous essay you made
in another class. Summarizing is also mistaken sometimes as plagiarism especially
when you do not reference where you got the information from.

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There are many ways for someone to avoid plagiarizing
like citing someone else’s work, correctly referencing someone else’s work or
paraphrasing the information you have read correctly. Some people do not know how
to correctly do any of these things so they are considered as a plagiarist or
someone who copies other people’s work. The easiest way to avoid being accused
of plagiarism is by writing down in the bottom of your paper all the sources
that were used in getting the information. This is called referencing, another
way to avoid plagiarism is by using citation. Citing someone’s work is one of
the easiest ways to avoid plagiarism. But it must be done correctly, in order to
cite someone’s work correctly you have to include the author’s last name and the
page number of where you found the quote followed by quote itself. Another easy
way to avoid plagiarism is by going online and looking up a plagiarism checker
in the search browser. After this you can just click on any link to see how
much of the paper is original and not.