Pioneer have a taste of it. Our strategy towards

Pioneer airlines addresses the needs and
wants of their customers by providing them successful services. This airline comprises
of five total aircrafts and travel through eleven distinct routes locally and in
addition internationally. Under marketing session of airlines, we are working
towards our objective to give great and fulfilled understanding to our clients
and get the organization in benefit. The main target is to provide hygienic
food and efficient cabin service, more efficient in low prices, etc.


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In this unique airlines, free soft drinks,
snacks and small snack meal will be provided to the long route travelers. The
price of food will be normal so that everyone in the plane can afford it. Our clients
will be served with numerous powerful services. This airline will be punctual
and reliable to meet our business markets issues. Airlines will provide two
classes: Business class and Economy. Business class service has slightly higher
cost than economy because of some extra services provided. Offering business
class seats will benefit more to the airline. Besides, in economy class a
customer should be able to pay less because of reduced facilities. We are going
to spend $200,000 in Cargo marketing with the domestic aircrafts. Cargo marketing
will be done with amazon as it is famous site in Canada and numerous users approach
it every day, as well as direct business sales.


Few people have a dream to sit in the plane
and travel, but they may not because they cannot afford the prices of the tickets.
The airline will give reasonable prices to the customers so that everyone can
have a taste of it. Our strategy towards pricing as the airline will offer the
customers discounts on some special occasions like Christmas, and New Year.
Pioneer airlines strategy technique towards food pricing will be we are
providing snacks and beverages to our customers because most of the discount
airlines do not offer this service. The price for food services will be less
than $2 per person. The fare of our airlines will be 28 cents per mile which is
affordable for the clients to pay. Pioneer airlines is going to provide an
effective airlines experience to our customers.


We are focusing the locations which
individuals favors the most. We are opening routes to Hawaii, which is one of
the famous place preferred by the people. Serving a famous route results in
more profit as people prefer more to these routes rather than others. The airlines
will have eleven total routes in which nine are domestic and two of them are
serving as foreign flights. The nine routes are served by flights B, D and E
with 57 seats in each aircraft locally.  Among
these markets, B is serving two medium cities, one has expansive number of
service businesses and alternate has military base. D provides services from
our hub office to a city that has a large university and extensive business
services. E market routes initiates from hub office to medium urban city that
has industrial parks. The other two routes are served by two distinct markets
named Foreign(F) and Resort(R). Both markets, flying internationally, with 38
seats per aircraft. The route for both the planes starts from hub office to
foreign cities that has a tourist trade. This aircraft will target the people
who needs to spend their vacations to different regions like Chicago, Hawaii,
Disney land and so on. The aircrafts will serve people for domestic travelling
as well as for Cargo marketing. The main office of Pioneer airlines will be at
Chicago so that every customer can collaborate with us and access our services
straight forwardly. The customers will also have an option to buy tickets from
travel agents by calling them or directly approaching them.


Restructuring a business is not a simple to
approach. Promotion is done to promote the services and quality of our
business. Pioneer airlines hired four salespersons for the advancement of our
business. We are going to spend $48,000 on hiring four salespersons.

To display our world class
quality business in front of the customers, the airline will incline towards
the advertisements in newspapers with the goal to focus on retired people for
holiday vacations to foreign countries too and planning to spend $10,000 in
advertisements. It also includes the online sites and Trade magazines for
company’s promotion.

Moreover, we will provide 2%
discount to that people who will bring advertisement coupons with them while
buying a ticket.

We are promoting our business
by providing some free luggage weight to the students. It will increase the attention
of the students to travel in our airlines. However, we are going to provide the
service in domestic flights.

This airline will provide some
incentives to the travel agents so that they could sell our tickets more and
bring us in profit.

Airline is planning to give 5%
discount on ticket fares for kids and retired people and lessen the number of
seats in that plane with which it gets balanced from both the sides and we get
into the benefit.

This airline will be going to
work for the charity as well in which it will donate $10,000 to the charity.


cost leadership strategy is to provide cheapest services to the clients and get
into high profits. Our aircrafts are thoroughly depending on this procedure. most
of the things like food, fuel, contract with operators are purchase on contract
so our carriers can avoid the adjustments in the rates of two of them. Contract
with one agent encourage him to offer more tickets and get more incentive from
the company. This outcomes in benefit for both the sides. The food served in
our aircrafts will be at sensible costs and tickets are additionally on

aircraft is additionally working through this methodology to maintain its
business in progress and benefit. Differentiation technique implies when the
organization charges more for some high and extra services. In this aircraft,
there are two classes: Business and Economy class. Among these two classes,
airlines will charge higher to the business class travelers because of extra
services provided.  The differentiation
procedure carry business into benefit with an ease.

FUEL- Airlines is going to purchase
fuel for the airplanes on contract with the focus that fluctuations in the cost
does not influence the financial plan of aircrafts.

FOOD- Pioneer airlines serving
their clients with the different snacks and cold drinks for their meal. All the
food will be on contract with some food company. The airline is intending to
contract with the Coca Cola company as well.

AGENCY- We are trying to
contact with one agent instead of approaching everyone so that it become easy
to provide benefits to that agent and meet the business profit.