Physician of today January 7, 2018, physician assisted suicide

                  Physician Assisted Suicide Should we allow physician assisted suicide for someone who is terminally ill?  Introduction: As of today January 7, 2018, physician assisted suicide is legal in the U.S. in Washington, California, Vermont, Oregon and Montana (Assisted Suicide,2018). Physician assisted suicide is when a physician assists in the death of a terminally ill person, because the patient requests for him/her to do so (Medical Definition,2018). The physician would discuss with his patient which drug would be administered and how he/she will react to the drug (Assisted Suicide,2018). (Sulmasy,2015) says “I am a physician. Part of my job is to help people die in comfort and with dignity. But I do not want to help you, or your daughter, or your uncle commit suicide. You should now want me to. I urge you to oppose physician-assisted suicide: it represents bad ethical reasoning, bad medicine, and bad policy.” Some people/physicians are for this procedure and some are not. According to a health poll(Hensley,2012) that was done in 2011 in Massachusetts, on physician assisted suicide. Fifty five percent of Americans were for it and forty five percent were against it. One would have to put themselves in the patient’s shoes and the physician’s shoes to really understand the debate.     In this paper I will focus on the Pros and Cons of physician assisted suicide, from a terminally ill patient’s perspective and a physician’s perspective.  Position Statement: I personally believe that anyone who is terminally ill, should have the right for his/her physician to assist in their suicide.  If their pain and suffering is too much for them to handle and they only have six months or less to live. It’s their life not anyone’s else’s.   Supporting Reason: If physicians assisted those who are terminally ill they would get to die peacefully. It  would also stop their family from occurring more medical bills and leaving them with an extra  burden to deal with (The Right to,2018).  Opposing Reason: One might be against this practice because they morally believe even if it’s physician assisted suicide, killing is killing. And to them any kind of killing is wrong. It could also go against one’s religious beliefs. In some religious beliefs, people believe that if you commit suicide it is an all-expense paid trip to Hell!      References Sulmasy, D. P.(2014). Non-faith-based arguments against physician-assisted suicide and  euthanasia. Retrieved from Hensley, S.(2012, December 28). Americans Support Physician-Assisted Suicide for Terminally Ill. Retrieved from  -shots/2012/12/27/168150886/americans-support-physicians-assisted-suicide-for- terminally-ill Assisted Suicide. (2017). Retrieved from https:// Medical Defintion of Physicians-assisted-suicide. (n.d.). Retrieved from The Right to Assisted Suicide. (2018). Retrieved from suicide.htm