Persian of his empire stretched from eastern Iran to




Persian Empire

            The Persian Empire was the largest
empire from North Africa to Asia by the 500 BC. It was a civilization driven by
a dynasty of extraordinary rulers, ambitious, and powerful. Cyrus the Great is
one of the few who deserves to be called the great. In 539 BCE Cyrus the great
decided to expand the territory of his empire and modernize his empire by the
name Achaemenes Empire (550 – 330BC). Persian empire began with Cyrus the
Great, and it covered most of those places that were conquered by Alexander the
Great. Persia grew under the rule of the Cyrus the Great because he was able to
get the support from conquered rejoins by encouraging cultural and artistic
pursuit and religious tolerance. The most important work of Cyrus the Great is unifying
the Iranian people under one ruler by the end the rule of his empire stretched
from eastern Iran to the coast of Anatolia.  The Persian Empire was also highly organized,
Cyrus the Great established a complex postal system, a system of roads such as
the Royal Road and a complex network of spies called “eyes and ears of the king”.
Along with highly organized empire Cyrus the Great greatly promoted trade, he
introduced the Darracq coinage expeditions to the Indian ocean from the mouth
of the Indus to the Suez and cannel linking the Nile and the red Sea. The Persian
Empire created some of the most amazing achievements of engineering the world
has ever seen. Wonderful palaces that rose up from unproductive desert, roadways,
bridges, and Canales are those that had importance for Cyrus the great and his
empire. In 550 BC Cyrus launched one of the ambitious engineering project
anywhere in the ancient world, so he was a very innovative builder. Persian
empire first capital city was at Pasar God located in the modern Iran.  Unlike other kings, Cyrus was known for his calm
and kind rather than his cruelty. Historians called Cyrus humanists, the Jews
call him a Shia or Anointed, his own people call him father, and even the Ionian
Greeks called him a just and worthy lawgiver and ruler. As a Persian Empire prospered
Darrius undertook a war against the Greeks that be costly on his empire. The Greco
Persian wars happened from 499  to 449 BC
and finshed after Darrius the great’s death in 486. Despite both wars ended in Persian
defeat but despite this Darrius the great was doubtlessly Persia’s greatest
king expanding and governing thus implements and prosperous Empire. His rule
heightened the power of the empire and added speak was reached during his
reign, no other king woukd be during his time of creating such a large empire
like Persian empire.

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