People targeted for something that can’t be controlled like

People who have never experienced any form of discrimination or don’t know anyone who has,  who understand what it feels like to be attacked or targeted for something that can’t be controlled like the colour or your skin. Those who have had experience with racial profiling know what feels like and have to pay the price mentally, emotionally, psychologically and financially. Criminologist Scott Wortley says “To argue that racial profiling is harmless, that it only hurts those who break the law, is to totally ignore the psychological and social damage that can result from always being considered one of the usual suspects.” It is been proven that victims of racial profiling can lead to psychological effects like post traumatic stress disorder and other types of related disorders. In addition, racial profiling not only affects people of colour, it also affects everyone around them like friends, classmates and neighbors. The most common Impact of racial profiling is police officers targeting African American and Hispanic teens and shooting them even though they were innocent saying it was in self defense. Just like what happened to Trayvon Martin another African American named Charles Kinsey was taking care of an autistic patient when he was shot in the leg even though he had his hands up the entire time. These are only some of the many incidents involving police shooting unarmed and innocent people of colour. Another extremely important impact of racial profiling is the effect it has on children and youth. Racial profiling is jeopardizing the future of children and the future all Canadians and Americans mainly through the education and law enforcement systems. Many people and parents are concerned about racial profiling in the education system and how children of colour are often labelled as slow learners and trouble makers. When a racialized child is involved with a problem at school with a white child, the racialized child would likely receive a more severe punishment compared to the white child. If student’s have these type of experiences at school, it can have a major effect on on their self-image and self-esteem. Loss or education can lead to the child not getting a job in the future which will lead to committing crimes in order to survive which will have a negative impact on the countries economy. People who are Muslim or Arab/South Asian said they felt unwelcome after the tragedy of September 11, 2001. Members of the community avoided, discriminated and attacked them due to a fear of potential consequences. This behavior towards Muslims rubbed off on children because even they attacked other Muslim kids at school. Some examples of racial profiling towards Muslims and anyone who looks brown and has a beard: a Sikh man who was wearing a turban being asked to leave a the plane at due to a passenger complaint because they didn’t feel safe around him. Law enforcement officials going to the workplaces questioning them in front of their  colleagues. A money transfer agency refusing to transfer money to a man without conducting a security clearance just because his first name is Muhammad. Being searched more compared to others others when flying or crossing the Canada/U.S.