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People are undertaking the various projects since years. The word project basically means a temporary task. They have definitive  start and end dates. It is important to ensure that the project is completed at the appointed time. 
The projects are unique and there are  always some sort of new ways and techniques to perform them. A project can only be considered completed when all the objectives are being achieved .

However  to reach the goals, we need to manage that project. And there are many reasons that why do we need to manage a project. First of all, it is mandatory to organize or plan a task  to eliminate the risks and problems occurred during the job. Further, planning any work beforehand helps us to save a lots of resources like money and time. 
The project is not a thing which can be done overnight , it is the application of knowledge, skills, tools and many more. We need to identify the requirements which may include the setting up the schedule, budget, cost , resources needed, scope , quality of project and last but not least , the time.

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Along with this , we need a person who can handle and lead the project. We generally call the person ,the project manager. This position has numerous duties to perform. The project manager should have a good knowledge and skills required during the project. 
That person should be able to manage the chaos and help prevent the things from getting messed up. He or she should have the quality of multi tasking meaning knowing the ways to take money and time both hand in hand towards the completion of project. 

Then comes the other resources like schedule . First and the foremost thing is to make a timetable which should contain all the dates and the timings to reach each stage. The deadlines , estimated durations, sequence in which everything will be done, how the resources will be used, which person will be assigned which task, all these must be added in the schedule. This helps to reduce the wastage of time. 

Next comes the money and the cost. In other words , cost can be the required expenses to deliver a project. Planning a budget is an important stage because poorly executed budget can make the company lose a lots of funds and can lower down the reputation. 

Teamwork, talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships. 
This is damn true . The idea of working in a team instead of working alone is pretty good . This helps a company to get the innovative ideas to include and make the project looks more beautiful and working. This helps to reach the expectations of the customer easily and faster. 

Last but not least , here comes the quality of the work done. However, time and money is mandatory to consider. But  the quality can never be neglected at any cost. This is equally important too. The finished project should deliver the benefits andthe values expected by the customer. 

So if  anyone try to keep all these points in mind while undertaking  any project , then it is pretty sure that the organization’s project  will come out in flying colours. 

There are a lots of examples of managing a project  which may include buying a car or house. The trip to a place with friends of family is also a short term project. 
For example , a college is planning a trip to wonderland for students . This is a kind of project for them which needs a proper planning. The weather condition on a specific day, then the  time to leave and reach the destination, the cost required needs to be considered. 
This may also contain the information regarding the number of buses needed , fees charged from each students, the refreshment for them .

This is one of the instance , however there could be a million of them.