Penaeus almost horizontal and extending far behind antennal crest.



Penaeus monodon Fabricius,

name : Giant  tiger
prawn, Jumbo tiger prawn  Pulikonju

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Synonyms : Penaeus bubulus Kubo, 1949; Penaeus carinatus Dana,
1852; Penaeus coeruleus Stebbing, 1905; Penaeus durbani Stebbing, 1917; Penaeus semisulcatus exsulcatus Hilgendorf, 1879; Penaeus tahitensis Heller, 1862 

: Indo-West
Pacific; Esat and South-East Africa,Pakistan, Japan, Malay, Australia.India:
East and west coast of India.

: Marine(adults)
estuarine (juveniles) ; upto  m in depth;
muddy-sandy bottoms.

: Max.
Tl 336 mm

site : All over Kerala except Kasargod district.

examined : 30 specimens examined of maximum Tl 150  mm

Description : Carapace with grooves and crests distinct, rostrum generally armed
with 6 to 8 upper teeth (including those on carapace) and 3 lower teeth; postrostral crest well
developed and reaching nearly to posteriormargin of carapace, with or without a
feeble median groove; adrostral crest
extending to just before last
postrostral tooth; gastrofrontal crest absent; hepatic crest almost horizontal
and extending far behind antennal
crest. Fifth leg without exopod. Petasma of males with distomedian
projections slightly overhanging distal margin of costae. Thelycum of females
formed by 2 suboval lateral plates with tumid lips; anterior

process concave and rounded distally; posterior process
subtriangular and partly inserted between lateral plates. Telson without
lateral spines. Colour: body greyish greenish or dark greenish blue;
becoming reddish brown in large adults; carapace covered with mud-yellow transverse bands, while
abdomen bears dark brown and mud-yellow cross bands; eyes light brown
with many black dots; antennal flagella
uniformly greenish brown; legs of same colour as body but sometimes
reddish or provided with bright yellow and blue bands; pleopods somewhat
reddish or pale red, with bases bright yellow and blue; distal half of uropods dark blue or dark brown with a red or mud-yellow median transverse band, and
margins reddish.




: They
are obtained from different  bottoms from
muddy and sandy


Original description :  Fabricius,
J. C. (1798) Entomologia Systematica emendata et aucta, secundum classes,
ordines, genera, species adjectis synonimis locis observationibus descriptionibus.
Hafniae, Tom. II. Supplementum Entomologiae Systematicae. pages 1- 572.