Paul communicate? I believe we choose to communicate with

Paul Watzlawick, the man behind the
interactional view for communication theory, once said this, and I quote; “One
cannot not communicate”. Every person is born with several needs, such
as the need to eat, drink or sleep. I believe communication is one of the most
important needs we have. Ever since the creation of human beings, we have been
communicating one way or another. The cavemen once communicated through writing
or craving in stones. In modern day, we can compare this to for example
blogging or use of social media. Ever since then, communication has been
developing more and more each day. It has only been getting more helpful over
the years and is continuously changing for the better. However, I fear our
modern version of communications may be harming us more than it is doing us

First and foremost, why do we even communicate? I believe we choose to communicate
with others, simply because as I mentioned earlier, it is a part of us. I often
ask myself this; What would have happened if we were not able to interact with
one another or express ourselves in the way we wanted to? Communication is
healthy and the importance it has is major. If we lack this, it can lead to
several issues in life that may be hard to solve. Communications comes in
different variants and it is easier to do now than ever before, with the help
from Social Medias. A friend who may
be living on the other side of the world, is only one call or even just one
text message away. Surely, we would all agree to why this technology is a much
better and a more helpful way to stay in contact with whoever you like,
regardless of the distance.

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Unfortunately, social media is not all roses. According to a report from
CNN, teens spend 9 hours a day consuming media. This in itself should be a
wake-up call. As for me, I am guilty as charged. Many youths like myself drain
their energy and time on social media daily. While I scroll through my Instagram,
I often find myself wondering what other useful things I could have used my
time on. Clearly, not everything on the net is useless. It is after all the
internet that helps us with most of our daily struggles, sadly enough.

My parents, as every parent I am sure, often tell me about how
everything was much better before. How they used their time, and how their ways
to communicate was more valuable than ours. Because just some decades ago,
everything was different. Obviously, their everyday life was more challenging
than ours considering the fact that they did not have a smart phone growing up.
They never had explaining them how to deal with just about every obstacle
to come their way. Neither did they have Snapchat to tell them the exact
location of their friends and what they are up to. Imagine going all the way to
the actual store to buy some clothes. They had a basic and unique way of
intercourse. The good old face to face conversations for instance. Dad used to
tell me he was able to understand mom just by looking in her eyes. As cliché as
that sounds it still makes sense to me. I has me wondering whether my generation
and I would get to know these feelings? I fear we will forget how to speak to
each other, let alone eye contact. What is even more terrifying is the thought
of the kids to come not knowing other things to do for fun apart from being on
their devices.

Our innovative ways to communicate may be easier and fancier, but I am
afraid we are risking losing the bigger picture. Two months ago, I deleted most
of my social medias. Not only because it had taken control over my entire life,
but also because I wanted to see my life without it. The outcome from these
past two months was greater than planned. Some of the aftermath was: Much less
FOMO (Fear of missing out). What this applies to is sincerely being anxious
about missing out on all the good and bad things happening around us. Usually
FOMO concerns missing out on the drama going on in your Instagram-feed or the
parties your friends may be announcing on Snapchat.

 Yes, communication is a need in
my life. Nonetheless, our modern version of it is most definitely not. What I
think we all should do is stop settling for the easier ways. Because certainly
it is harder doing it in person, to say words while looking someone in the
eyes. You would feel more emotions and feelings. The need to open up to someone
would hunt you and your sensitivity will be touched. The fear of human contact
makes us settle for the much asier ways such as social medias. I like to think
my words has the best results coming out from my mouth rather than my Facebook

For this reason, I believe that not all communication is good
communication. Despite the importance it carries and it being a part of our
nature, if it ends up hurting and doing us more wrong than right, we might as
well live in peace alone. I am all for the development and expansion of
technology to fit with our constantly changing future. However, we cannot get
all sucked up and forget the old, natural ways to communicate properly. If we
do so, we will certainly lose ourselves and even the ones around us. Therefore,
we should pay more attention to what really matters and the beautiful life we
may miss out on, that is outside of these time-consuming devices we carry