Patient in the past and finally his grandfather has

Patient is a young boy around the age of 10, approximately 3′, with blonde spiky hair, thin yellow lips, yellow skin, slightly chubby, lives in a quiet regular neighborhood, and skate boards a lot for fun. The patient is a son, brother, and student, is also known to be a devious and rebellious child by most people. The patient’s family have a history with abnormalities. His father is forgetful, ignorant, and sometimes explosively rages at things or those around him he even has a terribly low IQ of 55. His mother has had some gambling addiction problems in the past and finally his grandfather has trouble remembering history and some instances in his past. Bart frequently avoids things that require mental effort, such as faking sickness to get out of taking a test on the test day or even right before being given the test multiple times. Bart also has a difficult time following instructions, an example of this is a time when he was called by his principal to send a note to his teacher and that the note was for her eyes only and yet as soon as the patient left the room he opened the note and read it. Bart shows inability to stay on task, an example of this is a time when Bart and his father trashed their home and needed to clean up however instead they fell asleep and then bart decided to go to the part and ignore the task at hand.Finally Bart shows how he is easily distracted,  for instance one time his school was visited by firefighters and he played was not matching the seriousness of the event and was being distracted by every piece of equipment to the point where he used their water hose to fill their school gym with water. Bart has shown symptoms like these his entire life as his mother has said during the interview.Due to the above symptoms and characteristics the patient Bartholomew Jojo Simpson has Attention Deficit Hyperactivity disorder. This disorder is a chronic mental disorder characterized by an inability to keep attention focused on tasks, not listening when spoken to, not following instructions, avoiding things that take mental effort. All of which are symptoms the patient suffers from. There are two types of ADHD, inattentive ADHD, and hyperactive impulsive ADHD. The patient suffers from symptoms from both types this specific disorder is known as combination type. Since he’s had symptoms like these whole life it is very possible that he has had ADHD his whole life. The fact that people with ADHD are at times unable to control themselves, and their behaviors is what makes this disorder such an issue for a family like the simpsons and other families who have a child or parent with the disorder.