Part find myself is suitable for CELTA Course. CELTA

Part One: The Cambridge ESOL CELTA – V
a) Your reasons for
wishing to do the CELTA course.
Teaching is the
profession which I like the most; Teaching is my vision, I want to become a
professional teacher. I like teaching because I can share my knowledge and
experience with my students. That process will enhance my personality and
I graduated with BA
Functional English and I have a background in teaching. I have worked as a
private teacher in Aleppo, Syria for five years; so I believe I can do well in
teaching; therefore, I find myself is suitable for CELTA Course.
internationally accepted course and if I can get this certificate I will be
able to teach in foreign countries; especially, I have a lot of commitment and
a lot of work.

a) The skills you
hope to develop on the course.
(Write between 150-
250 words)
CELTA Course’s
offers a foundation in modern language teaching methodology. In addition to
communicative language teaching techniques; also learn methods of English
language analysis (Grammar, Vocabulary, and Pronunciation) and correction
techniques which will develop the EFL teacher’s ability to make the language
more meaningful to foreign learners at all levels.
Being authorized by
Cambridge University is attractive to encourage every ambitious teacher to
follow the CELTA course. Practically speaking, whenever I read the requirements
of teaching job vacancies in prestigious institutes and universities in the
Middle East, Australia, and even here in the Arab World countries, the CELTA
certificate pop up as the unquestionable requirement regardless the teacher’s
professional experience or creative faculties.
The course also
aims to develop and broaden the prospective EFL teacher’s knowledge of the language
skills (listening, reading, speaking, and writing) and how to develop them in
the classroom; also learn classroom management skills as well as lesson
planning and timetable skills.

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