Paper you and hence you can start a relationship

Paper 4 In this paper, I will involve in exploring why cars make people happy and content and are not boring. In essence, cars are considered a vital way of starting relationships, making friends and even bringing families and colleagues together. Essentially, cars come in all appealing styles such as self-driving, sport, and luxury and sports cars. Therefore, it is safe to suggest that cars are made for everyone (Peter, 2013). In addition, cars can bring people of different diversities together. Further, cars bring people of different cultures and other nations together through a meeting or social media in person. It is safe to suggest that cars bring strangers together and hence establish the lasting relationship. Cars bring relationships close together in a manner that elicits enlightening memories.  For instance, there are times when babies can be born during a car ride to the hospital. This often brings job and tears to everyone in the family compared to it being in hospitals where the family and friends only see the baby after being born. In addition, while riding in your car you can provide a lift to a stranger and you make a lasting friendship with him or her in the process. Furthermore, it is the car where the families sit close together during a whole ride. This brings bonding family closer together, which brings joy to the family (Peter, 2013). In an article, “happiness is an awesome car” the author explores different stories to show why cars are the main source of happiness. The author notes that cars are a good source of happiness and contentment because they are a better way of starting a relationship and even friends. Many people often find their true lovers through a car ride or at car meet (Amy, 2014). It is empirically true that having an attractive car is the best way to start a relationship because girls would be more interested in you and hence you can start a relationship through riding in your car. Furthermore, cars are considered as a source of friendship starters. This can be possible by going up to your friends or even strangers and complimenting their cars by saying how good and attractive they are. You may even ask them questions about cars. This makes people appreciate you for having interest in their cars. They will even be interested in meeting with you at a later date and have a tea together. This helps to create lasting friendship with the people and hence good relationship (Amy, 2013). Another beneficial way cars can bring happiness to people is through buying a right that suits your needs and interests. It is advisable to buy a car that interest you and you can enjoy driving. For instance, you may not like or find interest in two doors posh car. However, this should not make you change your mind about all types of cars and hence hate any other car. You may not like some cars but there are other cars that you may find interest in and even attract you the most. In other words, you should consider finding a car of your interest (Bob, 2015). There are too many types of cars for anyone to find them boring. It is crucially important to buy a car that you like the most. In an article “self-driving cars means more happiness and safety for motorcyclists”, the author argues that self-driving cars provide us with many benefits. For instance, they provide and guarantee safety for cyclists, riders, and pedestrians. In the article, the author suggests that one should buy and own a car that provides him with safety ride. However, the author also argues that cars are all too dangerous to own for they can cause accidents and hence lead to death. He advises people to exercise caution when driving to avoid accidents. It is suggestively true that cars bring cultures together and people of different nations close through social media interactions. This helps to make people want and desire to travel different place to meet people in other countries (Bob, 2015). This shows that cars bring people of different cultures together and happiness to each other. Different countries have different cultures and people of different diversities. However, these people interact and make friends through riding in their cars and meeting other people of other countries. Taking a philosophical approach, it is rational to suggest that some people consider cars as a pleasure to fulfill their desires. For instance, one may decide to buy and drive in his car in order to impress a girl. In this case, the purpose of the car is more of pleasure than utilitarian. Other people decide to own car in order to help them ease their travel. For instance, a person may own a GIT to help him or her to wake up early on a sunny Saturday morning and go for a ride. Furthermore, owning a luxury, the posh car can make you feel good and content (John, 2017). This is because expensive and luxury cars usually come with features and gadgets of high quality and hence guarantee your safety. For instance, buying a BMW, Mercedes-Benz or Cadillac can make you happy and feel comfortable driving in it. According to a study that was released by Journal of Consumer Technology, one is likely to feel happier driving and owning a luxury car than having an initial test drive car. Norbert Schwarz, a professor at the University of Michigan, argues that one often feels better when you are driving a luxury car. He notes that as long as you pay attention while driving in your car you can feel better and relaxed. However, how you feel depends majorly on what you are focusing on at a given moment, notes professor Schwarz (John, 2017). However, he suggests that it depends on whether your car is a brand new, falling apart or old. In other words, people driving in new cars tend to feel happier than the one driving in old cars. Riding in your car helps you to escape stresses of daily life. Cars offer a quiet, peaceful drive outside of the congestion and clatter within the cities. A study that was conducted by Xu and Schwarz showed that people feel more comfortable and happy while riding a Honda Accord, BMW or Ford Escort. In other words, the study shows that people have positive feelings toward cars that are of better quality. In essence, buying and owning the car cannot make you happy. A research by NerdWallet suggests that spending your money in buying luxury cars cannot make you feel good. According to this research, most households in the United States have an average credit card debt of $16,800, which have resulted from emotional spending on things such as cars. Judging from this research, it can be argued that buying and owning cars can lead to depression and miserable lifestyle resulting from unnecessary competition to own luxury and posh cars, which you cannot afford to buy (John, 2017). Other people spend on buying cars to feel at content but in turn, lead to depression. In other words, emotional spending on cars can lead to more problems and thus cause you discomfort other than happiness. In addition, spending on buying cars can prevent you from realizing your long-term goals in life. This is because you are obsessed with buying new and luxury cars, which you may not afford. This can lead to additional sadness, stress, or feel defeated. It is important to note with every car you add to your lifestyle, more and more money and time you will have to spend to maintain them. For instance, your car may be lost, get broken or even be stolen. Sometimes they may need to be replaced or repaired. In this case, you may end up spending your money (you had allocated for other special needs) to repair or buy a new car. In addition, if you choose to buy a new car you will always want to buy the latest car. For instance, if you have a Mazda or BMW you may need to buy a Ford or Range Rover. You will end up being in more debts you cannot settle. This may cause you depression and stressful life. Furthermore, buying new cars can make you broke. This is because you will be trying to keep up with your friends and hence end up spending money you do not have (John, 2017). Studies have shown that purchase and pursuit of physical possessions such as cars can never satisfy your desires for happiness and joyous life. It may lead to a temporary fulfillment but happiness found in purchasing and owning a new item rarely last. According to researchers, this temporary fulfillment is referred to as “retail therapy”. In essence, all kind of possessions are temporal in nature. In other words, they do not last longer. For instance, a car may look new and shiny in stores but immediately after buying it begin to fade and perish with time. There is always a new improvements, new models and new styles of cars. Obsolescence is techniques applied and used by manufacturers to ensure every product they make do not last longer. In addition, after buying your car it will require continuous maintenance (John, 2017). For instance, it will need to be cleaned, repaired, and maintained. As a result, the car will distract you from other special things that bring us happiness. Furthermore, buying a car can cost you more than you realize. Once you buy it you will be spending heavily on fuel and maintenance. In addition, research has shown that every purchase we make adds more worries to our dreary lives. In other words, every item or product we buy including cars can be stolen, scratched or broken. This may causes you worry because you may be stressed on how to repair or buy another car (if the one you had has been stolen). Furthermore, you may feel distressed when you notice that your friends are not impressed by your new car. In essence, a person expects his or her newer purchases to be an impression to other people. In other words, we expect them to be impressed by our new computer, car or shoes (John, 2017). However, when we notice that they are not impressed by our new items, we feel uncomfortable and stressed.  You may also feel discontent or uncomfortable when you notice your friend or neighbor has more cars than you do. If you find happiness in owning and buying cars, you will be forced to spend more and more to purchase every type of car. Additionally, purchasing and owning more cars cannot quench your desire for happiness in life. In other words, it is not possible to find fulfilling happiness in buying and owning cars. Purchasing more and more stuff cannot make you happy. No matter how much we have, we can never have enough (John, 2017). Therefore, it is advisable to be content and satisfied with what we have. This is because buying stuffs such as cars cannot give us a lasting happiness. Instead, we tend to have desire and yearning to buy more of them. From the foregoing, it is suggestively true that cars bring happiness and joy to people. People who own car enjoy meeting others, having good family moments and learning about other people’s cars. However, having a car has its downsides too. For instance, you will get used to your car and you will want to have more and more. For instance, if you are using your car every day you may decide to buy a new and better one and hence cars may end up owning you. Therefore, you will end up living a miserable life wanting to own more and more cars you cannot afford (John, 2017). Therefore, it is important to buy a car if you are financially stable and you can afford to maintain it. Work CitedPeter McGraw (2013), “Will a luxury car make you happy?” Retrieved from: Lutz (2015), “Why a Small Performance Car Can Make You so Happy”. Retrieved from: Cadogan (2017), “Can a New Car Make Me Happy?” Retrieved from: Brill (20145) “Happiness is….awesome car”. Retrieved from: