PAPER structured so that readers can know how important



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Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb

to Allah SWT who has given His bless to all of us for finishing this paper task
entitled “Education Based on Pancasila” is properly and correctly, and on time.

paper is structured so that readers can know how important education in daily
life. This paper was compiled with help from various parties. Both parties come
from outside as well as from parties concerned itself. Because the aid and help
of Allah SWT, these papers can be finally finished.

also wish to express their deep and sincere gratitude for those who have guided
in completing this paper. This paper contains the five elements of Pancasila
that discuss about education.

this paper can be understood for everyone who read this paper and can be useful
to me personally. We apologize for any mistakes, either from the words or the
writing. we also ask for criticism and suggestions for the completeness of this

Wr. Wb




                                   Bekasi, 9 Januari 2018



Adlan Ramadhan
NPM. 120210170114





1.1.     Background. 1
1.2.     Problem Formulation. 2
1.3.     Purpose. 2
1.4.     Benefits. 2
2.1.     Theoritical Basis. 3
2.2.     Education Based on First Sila of Pancasila. 4
2.3.     Education Based on Second Sila of Pancasila. 4
2.4.     Education Based on Third Sila of Pancasila. 4
2.5.     Education Based on Fourth Sila of Pancasila. 5
2.6.     Education Based on Fifth Sila of Pancasila. 5
3.1.     Conclusion. 6
3.2.     Suggest 6




1.1.      Background


Education is an important thing for the quality of a
country. The failure or the success of education will affect a country’s quality.
Implementation of an education has functions, among others: initiation,
innovation, and conservation. Initiation is an educational function to initiate
a change. Innovation is a way to achieve change. Conservation has the function
of keeping basic values. Therefore, to improve the life of a nation must begin
from all aspects of education.

The purpose of education is expected to create a
quality out come education in accordance with the expectations of various
parties. In this case, pancasila has a very important role. The
five elements of Pancasila, start from the 1st sila until the last sila are
very important to education system especially in Indonesia. Wajib Belajar 9 Tahun
is an implementation of Pancasila as a state ideology which is a joint program
between government, private and social institutions as well as the community.
The Compulsory Compulsory Education of Nine Years is a national program.
Therefore, for the success of the program it’s necessary to cooperate between
the government, private and social institutions as well as the community,
because this program is very good to raise awareness and responsibility of all
of us to the future of the next generation of quality and the way of life of
the country.

The role of Pancasila in life in Indonesia is needed
for now because life in Indonesia is now more and more apprehensive.
Implementation of Pancasila function as a life view, will also determine the
success of Pancasila function as the basis of the State. If every citizen has
exercised Pancasila as a view of life (having a Pancasila character /
morality), when he is entrusted to be a State administrator, it will certainly
be a good state organizer, at least seeking to avoid acts that violate both
legal norms and moral norms.

The fact that there is now is still poor education in
Indonesia. Poor education is caused by some factors. It’s necessary for the role of government and all people
to create a highly qualified education system in Indonesia, even in the whole







1.2.      Problem Formulation


A.    What
is the role of Pancasila in education?

B.     Whether
the five elements of Pancasila affect the change of education in Indonesia?

C.     How
important the role of the government in succeeding the quality education system?

D.    How
important the role of citizens in succeeding the quality education system?


1.3.      Purpose


A.    Analyzing
the role of Pancasila in quality education

B.     Knowing
and analyzing the five elements of Pancasila has an effect on education in

C.     Knowing
and analyzing the role of the government in the success of education

D.    Knowing
and analyzing the role of citizens in the success of education


1.4.      Benefits


A.    Contributing
thoughts to future researchers

B.     Adding
insight into education and public welfare

C.     Sharing
information to the people  in helping with
educational issues

D.    Giving
public awareness to help educational issues

E.     Giving
awareness to the people to live the five elements of Pancasila in daily life

F.      Making
the society of quality and integrity












2.1.      Theoritical Basis


is basically an effort to develop personality and abilities / expertise in a
dynamic, harmonious, inside and outside school and lasts a lifetime. Therefore,
the development of education must be oriented to two goals,  they’re moral and intellectual development.
Moral without intellectual will be helpless. Intellectuals without morals will
be dangerous, because one can use his intelligence for his own benefit and harm
others. In addition, education is also a process consciously and planned to
membelajarkan learners and the community in order to build the character and
dignity of human dignity. He is a believer and a believer to a God of all
humanity, respecting others, being courteous and tolerant, tolerant and
developing togetherness and diversity, bringing discipline and independence, in
accordance with the values ??of Pancasila. Therefore the process and the
content of the learning should be carefully designed in accordance with the
purpose of education. In the next turn will be a potential for quality learning

While for now
education in Indonesia has been considered too expensive and profitable party
or society capable or people who have more wealth so that they can send their
sons and daughters even to abroad even to get a decent and adequate education,
whereas with the poor or many underprivileged people struggling to send their
children at least meet government targets for a 9 year compulsory (“Wajib Belajar 9 Tahun”) education
program to graduate from junior high school or senior high school, these
parents are even forced to send their children to work and drop out to help
meet the family’s economic needs.

Then the
government made a breakthrough through the Minister of National Education
Professor Bambang Sudibyo by proclaiming a free 9-year compulsory school
program to graduate junior high school students who specialize in elementary
school / junior high school except the school that has international standard
so that the children of the successor of this nation is smart and illiteracy
and also for education in Indonesia to become more advanced. So that the
implementation of 9-year compulsory education is implemented in various parts
of the city in this country. After all societies agree with the concept of
fairness, then our duty can be together to advance education. Education is not
just the responsibility of teachers or schools, but all citizens, especially

Education is a
long-term investment, education is a shared responsibility. How to get free
school programs to be effective and targeted for poor and underprivileged
children to participate in free school programs and how to form or methods of
telling the government and school so that parents want to release their
children to go back to school. Any program launched by the government must be
in accordance with the rules applicable in this country, it is definitely the
pancasila which is the source of all sources of law. So that the implementation
process must be adjusted with Pancasila.


2.2.      Education Based on First Sila of Pancasila


            The role of the first sila with the
world of education is very closely related. In teaching and learning activities
students will teach a variety of sciences ranging from penjaskes, pkn
(pancasila and citizenship), art, biology, physics and other religions. In
religious education will be discussed more deeply about the teachings of
religion of course in accordance with the religion of each student.

Affirmed for every citizen of Indonesia who
brought to the already married citizens to send their children to school.
Because the school as one means for self-development. There are still many
Indonesian citizens who do not run this command on the grounds of not being
able to finance their children. Therefore the balance between world education
and religion is in the life of every human being. By using language that is
very important for a nation then the government implemented free school wajar 9 tahun.


2.3.      Education Based on
Second Sila of Pancasila


has an important role in the development of capability and character building
which is the main foundation for the creation of an Indonesian human who is
able to live in an ever changing era. National education system should be able
to provide basic education for every citizen of the Republic of Indonesia, so
that each will get at least knowledge and basic skills, including reading,
writing and numeracy skills and using the Indonesian language, which is
required by every citizen to be able to participate in the life of society,
nation and state.

It is hoped that
every citizen knows his / her rights and obligations as a citizen and has the
ability to fulfill his / her own needs, to participate in meeting the needs of
the community, and to strengthen the unity and the defense of the state. This
knowledge and capability should be available from the national education
system. This is intended to give meaning to the 1945 Constitution, CHAPTER
XIII, Article 31 Paragraph (1) which states that “Everyone is entitled to
receive an education.”


2.4.      Education Based on Third Sila of Pancasila


third sila is based on and inspired by the sila “ketuhanan yang maha esa” and “kemanusiaan
yang adil dan beradab” and imbued the sila “kerakyatan yang dipimpin oleh hikmat kebijaksanaan dalam permusyawaratan
dan perwakilan” and “keadilan sosial
bagi seluruh rakyat Indonesia”.

Unity in this
third principle includes the meaning of unity and unity in the idiological,
economic, political, sociocultural and security sense. The value of this unity
is developed from the experience of the Indonesian nation’s history of
fate.  The value of unity is driven to
achieve a free nationhood life in an independent and sovereign state. The
Embodiment of Indonesian Unity is a manifestation of nationalism that provides
a place for cultural or ethnic diversity that is not shown for division but the
closeness of unity, high solidarity and pride

We all know that
Indonesia is a developing country. It needs a good human resource to make
Indonesia become more and more developed. It also requires close unity among
fellow citizens. With the education it can be used as a means to improve unity
with the mindset of Pancasila which is always applied in the educational
environment. Sila “Persatuan Indonesia” should be used as the basis
of unity among intellectuals and should always be applied in the educational
environment, especially when Primary School (SD) and Junior High School (SMP)
that included into wajar 9 tahun


2.5.      Education Based on Fourth Sila of Pancasila


we know, education is an important aspect of building a country. Almost all
nations place education development as a top priority in the National
Development Program. A qualified human resource that is an Educational Product
and is the key to a country’s success.

targets wajar 9 tahun to all
Indonesian children, without exception. Based on the fourth sila of Pancasila “kerakyatan yang dipimpin oleh hikmat
kebijaksanaan dalam permusyawaratan perwakilan”. All government policies
should be based on people’s needs. All policies that the government makes must
be based on the people’s agreement.

As a good people
we have to participate in supporting the wajar
9 tahun program, because this program is very good to raise awareness and
responsibility of us all to the future of the next generation of quality
nations and efforts to educate this country.


2.6.      Education Based on Fifth Sila of Pancasila


of the government programs in improving education in Indonesia is by holding a wajar 9 tahun. This is expected to improve
education in Indonesia. In addition, the government also provides assistance
for education, such as providing BOS (Student Operational Cost). It is expected
that every Indonesian people can get an education as stated in the 1945
Constitution Article 31 paragraphs 1-5.

So it can be
concluded that with the holding of this wajar
9 tahun program can explain the role of the five sila of Pancasila in
realizing one of the goals of the state, to educate the nation’s life by
providing education properly and justly for every Indonesian people.




3.1.      Conclusion


all the above, it can be concluded that Pancasila has an important role in
education esepecially in Indonesia. The five elements of Pancasila have their
respective meanings in the world of education. They also have each value to
make a quality education.

Pancasila as a
guideline for the implementation of the renewal of the education system has a
very important role that is expected to support the effort to realize the
quality of the Indonesian people who are advanced and able to face the
development of science and technology. Pancasila also become the guidance in
government in Indonesia, to realize prosperous country. So that the development
of all aspects can work well.


3.2.      Suggest


we know that education is something that’s  important for the welfare of a country. The
role of government and all the people are needed to succeed quality education
and implement the five elements of Pancasila in education or in a daily life. Therefore
education is very much required because it provides a very important role
either for yourself or others. For ourselves the advantage gained is the
science, for others we can teach the knowledge we know to people who may still
not like us. What has been good now survives and gets better, and what isn’t
good now has to be fixed in the future.  











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